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biggest conspiracy theory of all time: trump-russia collusion 'theory'


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Marshall: "I think if you think about it for a moment, it’s hard to think about Trump saying anything without the Russia probe and all that goes with it being at least implicitly a big, big presence" https://t.co/pbLka1Mp8o
.@AnnCoulter: "The Charlottesville anniversary invented by the media was a controlled experiment of Trump’s 'both sides' remark. To test his theory, we removed one side entirely — the white supremacists." https://t.co/UqMZp0lOz4
#LDTPoll: Do you think it’s time to fire and revoke the security clearances of all FBI, DOJ and intelligence officials involved in the surveillance of the Trump campaign and the phony Russia Witch Hunt?
The level of access the Conways gave @bterris for that (excellent) piece nudges me closer to the "it's all a charade to keep their social and professional options open" theory. All this to purportedly showcase the house?
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