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this is not a credible news source
immigration & roots of nafta: https://t.co/a4pIkghz9P
Global Pedophile Networks Are Actively Trying To Shut Down Internet Free... https://t.co/5jmLdtXeZr via @YouTube
cultural appropriation. Whats wrong with today's gay ppl?
is trump firing comey or no?
yeah they made DNC cheat Bernie and thus lost the election to Trump. Hillary is their #1 agent.
HUGE: Trump Announces FBI Dir James Comey’s Replacement as of April 1! https://t.co/5QtHlKXCOk via @YouTube
#Pedogate Criminals Being Rounded Up By Trump Administration https://t.co/pFsqKVxEgN via @YouTube
Benghazi Hero: Ready To Arrest Soros https://t.co/yYB6fPkSqg via @YouTube
[EXPOSED] Part #12: "MASS ARRESTS ONGOING PREP TO INDICT OBAMA, SOROS & ... https://t.co/am2DI88kFP via @YouTube
IT’S OVER! Trump Just Tweeted A Message That Will Scare Hillary Clinton ... https://t.co/iJppLNS8uJ via @YouTube
@JohnnyArgent Dems agree with Cheney about Russia-think about that.
The final ugly death throes of the Globalists. KILL FREE SPEECH with yo... https://t.co/hlg00hISud via @YouTube
My Escape From Iran, From Oppression to Freedom - Passover & Nissan https://t.co/vCcjJaOTuj
#dems r dead in th water w/o an enemy to go to war against. War/division & political theatre 2 disguise their #criminality is all they have.
Cheney agrees w dems (clue #1):Russian Meddling in American Election Could B Considered 'An Act of War' | Zero Hedge https://t.co/qJUuF8gFlI
Russia Is Pissed: Threatens To Spill Obama Admin Secrets If US Intel Doesn't Stop Leaking | Zero Hedge https://t.co/miTv1KafM5
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