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Grandparents need to run for office-those who care for more than 3 ppl in their families-this will solve everything!
@SaRaAshcraft @sophiam85597935 @AntifaBitcoin @DrDannielle @LizCrokin @Fulcrum__News @realDonaldTrump Holy Zohar tells us that arrogance and ignorance are the same thing, and they undo their host-unmasking them b4 the world of children.
F is after all, a capitalist who loves saudi arabia
antisemites r often pedos
yes it is-Pele is mad!
guys i try to hook u up w lots of links to read here-i feel its something I can do to help. Trust that Good is winning. Don't give up or get down. Stay informed. stay true. stay open. remember, as they say-the last 2 steps 2 total awareness r the hardest.
Big stuff coming in now. listen.
the most dangerous game
go thru any thread and block all antisemitic tweeters
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