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Latest Scoops

"The president has turned into a one-man wrecking ball." From @gurleygg:
"In the fall of 2018, nearly 5,000 inmates from all security clearance levels took face-to-face college courses." From @G_Thompson1:
"Every day hundreds of thousands of rail passengers are at the mercy of a president who continues to play politics neither wisely nor well."
"How will child care get the necessary public and media attention to make it a top priority?" asks @StarrProspect.
"Without reforms, landlords will continue to exit the program as more qualified families complete for a shrinking share of reasonably priced housing."
"The voucher program is far from perfect, but it represents a chance at stability for over two million families." Analysis from @eva_rosen and @PhilipGarboden:
Some landlords actually support this reliable HUD program. But the shutdown demonstrated that there can be serious cash flow glitches that can make landlords wary of participating in the future and leaves families without housing options.
America, can universal child care finally get your attention?
“I got to see in front of my eyes a complete breakdown of the prison’s subculture,” says one teacher.
"There is plenty of evidence to support bringing higher education classes into prisons."

The Most Relevant

An estimated 160 people died in Sheriff Arpaio's "concentration camps." Trump pardoned him on Friday.
According to Secret Service director, Trump's private force is currently operating in parallel to Secret Service:
With his voter fraud conspiracies, Trump's telling one of the biggest lies a president ever told, says :
Trump and the GOP are giving bountiful tax cuts to Wall Street while launching an aggressive attack on Dodd-Frank regulations:
Democratic senators are demanding answers on Carl Icahn's ethics conflicts and his role in policymaking
Republican disdain for the vast majority of American households has been laid bare:
Big corporations are bragging about one-time bonuses to sway public opinion in favor of Republicans in 2018, so they can take a huge tax cut and run:
Eradicating racial profiling is proving to be a challenge for local governments.
Did the president oversee an operation where his campaign traded information with Putin?
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