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Giuliani: FBI may have placed a spy in Trump campaign https://t.co/PG7TXcR8mx
Giuliani: FBI may have placed a spy in Trump campaign https://t.co/PG7TXcR8mx


.@bfouhy on how @realdonaldtrumo 's reactions to Giuliani's concessions have changed: "You haven't heard anything from the President ... that's not typically how President Trump operates." #MTPDaily
.@Mimirocah1 on Rudy Giuliani saying he won't deny that people in the Trump campaign colluded with Russia: "Up until now, I've tried to ignore what Rudy Giuliani says ... but this is big." #MTPDaily
.@chucktodd on Rudy Giuliani's interview: The president's lawyer is no longer denying "that some members of the Trump campaign may have colluded with a hostile foreign power." #MTPDaily
Summer 2016—Ohr talks w/ Steele. Ohr then meets with FBI and DOJ and tells them:

-Steele is “desperate Trump not win”
-Steele and Ohr’s wife Nellie work for Fusion GPS
-Fusion connected to Clinton campaign

But FBI doesn’t tell FISA Court on Oct 21.

Thousands more children may have been ripped apart from their parents than the Trump Admin originally acknowledged.

This is horrifying. I expect answers from the Administration detailing the REAL number of forced family separations.
In seeming effort to prepare for evidence of #collusion being exposed by the FBI investigation, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani now says Trump 'didn't collude with Russia but can't say if campaign did' -... https://t.co/NXuwhQG9f0
Conservative floored by Rudy Giuliani basically admitting Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to win the presidency https://t.co/iIG1kLNCcE
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