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  3. poll: americans rank obama as the best president in their lifetime
Poll: Americans rank Obama as the best president in their lifetime https://t.co/3c8zT7Nwnu
Poll: Americans rank Obama as the best president in their lifetime https://t.co/3c8zT7Nwnu


Yesterday’s #Senate passed legislation to continue to help rebuild our military. The additional funding will upgrade the Abrams tanks in #Lima and Stryker Vehicles so that our soldiers have the best equipment to ensure their safety. https://t.co/ZJ1ZWz1eda
Now the President is saying he “doesn’t have an Attorney General,” casting further doubt the future of the Mueller investigation. We need to protect the independence of the Special Counsel and allow the DOJ & law enforcement to do their jobs.
We’re dealing with a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. If Republicans vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, Americans can’t vote him out. If confirmed, he will be deciding cases affecting our health, safety, and privacy for decades. Republicans are comfortable with that?
ICYMI: Here's the real war on women, a war being aided and abetted by the progressive, socialist, left because their ideological agenda is more important than the safety and security of Americans. #tcot https://t.co/bd9XMOmW7o
Talking w/ Sacramento NAN Chapter President Rev. Porter before we address board members of CALSTRS about the lack of diversity in their pension fund investments. #NAN #NoJusticeNoPeace
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