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If you're looking for some simple but tasty breakfast inspo this weekend, check out the video! We've a delicious Acai bowl recipe, a sun-dried tomato pesto toastie and a chia seed pudding! 😋#veganbreakfast #vegan #plantbased #healthyrecipe
Check out our Japanese pulled jackfruit burger! 😋 A miso glazed jackfruit filling with a shiitake coconut mayo, a nori seaweed crisp, pickled ginger and some cucumber! Click the link for recipe Thanks to our friends @ClearspringUK for you help 😘 #vegan
Beans on toast for dinner! 😋Our healthy baked beans are free from refined sugar and make a great high-fibre meal. Serve with wholemeal toast and avo for the perfect warming quick dinner! #vegan #plantbased
Ever wondered where we get our protein? Check out our top plant-based protein sources! #vegan #plantbased #plantbasedproteinprotein
Check out our super quick chickpea curry! It's healthy and also cheap, so why not double the recipe and stick it in the freezer for those nights when you just don't feel like cooking. Click link for full recipe - #plantbased #vegan #healthyrecipe
This week for #Feburguary we have a vegan Burrito Burger 👍🌱🍔 For that extra punch have with some delicious salsa and guac! Click vid for recipe -
#vegan #vurgers #healthyrecipe #healthydinner
Planning your meals for the week ahead? Check out our Vegan Rainbow Meal Prep, it's a really handy way to make sure you get lots of the amazing minerals, vitamins & nutrients we need. Click the link for vid -
Checkout our Crispy Fried Teriyaki Tofu with Plum sauce and Chinese pancakes. They have an amazing combination of flavours and textures and are really easy to prep with the sauces lasting well over a week in the fridge - #vegan #plantbased
Next in our #Feburguary series is our #vegan Jamaican tempeh & black bean burger! 😋Click the link for full recipe -
#Vegan caramel cups - these are one of the easiest treats to make and they’re packed full of fibre with just enough sweetness! Click the vid for full recipe -

The Most Relevant

Still time to #win a “happy pair” prize of Classics + our treats & cookbooks! & #RTfollow to enter! Comp ends 16th Aug - good luck!
This week it's all about *The Happy PAIR* as we team up w to give away x2 pairs of TOMS + a HP hamper! RT & follow both to enter!😄😄👍
Win a months supply of our delish new soup - Carrot & Butternut Squash, it’s #vegan & #glutenfree. To be in with a chance of winning simply RT to enter👍🏻😄 soup available in @supervalu_irl @centra_irl
To be in with a chance of winning a voucher for €50 to buy a basket of your fav happy pear goodies simply RT
BOOK GIVEAWAY! To celebrate that our book is on a promotional deal on prime for the next 36 hours we're giving away 3 signed copies of our new book ‘Recipes for Happiness' too - if you're interested in a copy now is the time to buy or get lucky & to try#RT win one!
What is difference between
I like you &
I love you
Beautifully answered by Buddha:
When you like a flower you just pluck it, when you love a flower you water it every daily...!
One who understands this, understands life
#GIVEAWAY Ever wondered what goes into our Super Tiffin Bar? Here's one deconstructed to show you what's inside!! #RT to #Win a box! 😍
We're giving away a box of our new TIFFIN Snack Bars (x 18 bars). Sort your snacking for the month! RT to enter!
We have a new side dish out our #vegan potato gratin - WAHOO!! Even a friend tried it earlier and said it is the best gratin he ever tasted, and he isn’t a vegan!
To be in w a chance to win a week supply worth - RT to enter now available nationwide @supervalu_irl
GIVE-AWAY! 🎉To launch our new healthier Bakes we're giving away 6 of ur fav! 🙌🙌 They're available & RT to enter!
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