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The Daily Beast
twitter has permanently banned prominent anti trump brothers brian and ed krassenstein alleging that two of th
Twitter has permanently banned prominent anti-Trump brothers Brian and Ed Krassenstein, alleging that two of the biggest stars of #Resistance Twitter had broken the site’s rules about operating fake accounts

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Coronation Street
you could have fooled us brian brian corrie
You could have fooled us Brian! 😉

#Brian #Corrie
Denise Welch
it was all going on during end of part one lucky birthday girl loosewomen kayeadams brian kayesface
It was all going on during end of part one!!! Lucky birthday girl! @loosewomen @kayeadams #brian #kayesface
Coronation Street
it s snow brian snow brian cathy corrie
It's snow, Brian, snow... 😅❄️

#Brian #Cathy #Corrie
Coronation Street
we are learning so much about gardening this evening thanks geoff corrie brian geoff
We are learning so much about gardening this evening - thanks Geoff! 😅

#Corrie #Brian #Geoff
Coronation Street
is there a reason for this curious display brian roy corrie
Is there a reason for this curious display?

#Brian #Roy #Corrie
Coronation Street
anyone else feeling a little over caffeinated after that chat corrie geoff brian yasmeen
Anyone else feeling a little over-caffeinated after that chat 😳☕️😂

#Corrie #Geoff #Brian #Yasmeen
Coronation Street
did daniel really just say that does he even know brian corrie daniel sinead brian cathy
Did Daniel really just say that? Does he even know Brian? 😅

#Corrie #Daniel #Sinead #Brian #Cathy
Coronation Street
you da man brian corrie brian cathy chesney
You da man Brian! 👊

#Corrie #Brian #Cathy #Chesney
Coronation Street
who loves the idea of brian as father christmas corrie brian cathy yasmeen geoff santa
Who loves the idea of Brian as Father Christmas!? 🎅🏻

#Corrie #Brian #Cathy #Yasmeen #Geoff #Santa
Coronation Street
he might be a buffoon but he s our buffoon takingoutthetrash brian shona david phil corrie
He might be a buffoon but he's our buffoon!

#TakingOutTheTrash #Brian #Shona #David #Phil #Corrie
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The Spectator Index
best countries to travel alone 1 spain 2 italy 3 nz 5 australia 7 brazil 8 ireland 12 canada 13 mexico 17 fran
Best countries to travel alone.

1. Spain
2. Italy
3. NZ

5. Australia
7. Brazil
8. Ireland
12. Canada
13. Mexico
17. France
24. UK
27. Japan
28. US
32. Turkey
37. Germany
38. Malaysia
41. Indonesia
42. India
53. China
58. Russia
73. Nigeria
79. Iran

(US News & World Report)
Laura Kuenssberg
1 this is rather extraordinary sir alan duncan tells he quit govt so he could push for an emergency vote tomor
1. This is rather extraordinary - Sir Alan Duncan tells @BBCNews he quit govt so he could push for an emergency vote tomorrow, after the next PM is announced, to test if they can hold a majority
Mark Knoller
flag draped casket bearing remains of former justice john paul stevens is carried into the supreme court where
Flag-draped casket bearing remains of former Justice John Paul Stevens is carried into the Supreme Court where it will lie in repose.
Rotten Tomatoes
good morning neighbor tom hanks stars as mr rogers in the first trailer for coming this thanksgiving
Good morning neighbor! Tom Hanks stars as Mr. Rogers in the first trailer for #ABeautifulDayMovie, coming this Thanksgiving.
@espnW 1 hour
when rose lavelle meets rose lavelle
When Rose Lavelle meets Rose Lavelle ❤️
NBC 6 South Florida
puerto rico protest demonstrators are flooding the streets of san juan to demand rossello resign
PUERTO RICO PROTEST: Demonstrators are flooding the streets of San Juan to demand Rosselló resign –
Joy Reid
i don t think the mask was ever on and miller doesn t just agree with trump s increasingly open white national
I don't think the mask was ever on. And Miller doesn't just agree with Trump's increasingly open white nationalism, he is in many ways a contributing author of it. He and Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Kobach etc all favor 1920s-style exclusionary immigration.
Anand Giridharadas
the tip stealing con is a good example of how america functions now in all its rigged glory let us unpack this
The @doordash tip-stealing con is a good example of how America functions now, in all its rigged glory.

Let us unpack this.
The Spectator Index
satisfied with way democracy is working india 79 germany 73 canada 70 indonesia 69 russia 59 uk 52 poland 51 j
Satisfied with way democracy is working.

India: 79%
Germany: 73%
Canada: 70%
Indonesia: 69%
Russia: 59%
UK: 52%
Poland: 51%
Japan: 50%
US: 46%
South Africa: 43%
Nigeria: 41%
France: 34%
Brazil: 28%
Venezuela: 25%
Spain: 25%
Lebanon: 8%
Mexico: 6%

(Pew Research)
BBC News (World)
lift off india launches chandrayaan2 mission to the moon s south pole
Lift off! 🚀

India launches #Chandrayaan2 mission to the Moon's south pole

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