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Scoops, Scandals and Secret Worlds

Latest Scoops

On last night's #SNL, De Niro's Mueller closed in on Trump https://t.co/23qX9w8xHf
BREAKING: Nick Ayers will reportedly not be President Donald Trump’s next chief of staff https://t.co/aQHzlGhCDS
Meghan Markle reportedly thought St. George's Chapel smelled "musty" and requested air fresheners https://t.co/lytJvrmWph
Massive winter storm in the Southeast grounds more than 1,000 flights https://t.co/oeTGGBmkZR
What's the ultimate holiday party drink? Cognac punch https://t.co/daiaHnaNqJ
Huawei Technologies’ Meng Wanzhou arrest is "nasty," Chinese official says https://t.co/ZJCHkqqc6W
"With the shadow of the Mueller probe hanging over each and every personnel decision, Trump’s approach to these changes is a lesson in how not to pick, choose, and fire members of a team..." - @sam_vinograd https://t.co/g79SeHmPZT
A 16-year-old, believed to be the son of one of the club's owners, has been arrested in a deadly stampede at an Italian rap concert https://t.co/cQVrXDo7ZO
"If all of Santa’s elves and all of Santa’s reindeer got busted by the Feds you would not expect Santa to tweet, ‘Totally clear for Christmas. Thank you!’” said Colin Jost https://t.co/LhBnNAANnY
Suspects in Khashoggi's murder won't be extradited, Saudi official says https://t.co/PY2rkJ3MyN
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