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Scoops, Scandals and Secret Worlds

Latest Scoops

Milk makeup has a new gel eyeliner, and honestly, it's their best product yet 😍 https://t.co/FITn4C60Q8
By Texas law, Mark and Christy Zartler can’t treat their daughter Kara with cannabis. The upcoming midterm could change that https://t.co/yFeYvNYg6c
The Kavanaugh scandal is deepening by the day. Here are the key points that developed over the weekend, including what Deborah Ramirez alleges happened at Yale https://t.co/lHX3Tf98zu
The new fall season is hell-bent on wringing every last tear out of audiences, with the major networks making blatant, shameless plays to air the next #ThisIsUs https://t.co/o1IT5SC6GC
The Trump admission's refugee cap doesn't just hurt those seeking refuge in the U.S., it harms these Americans, too https://t.co/PWAqEWisj3
Serena Williams discussed her friendship with Meghan Markle in an interview with Australia’s The Project—three days after her U.S. Open loss https://t.co/Xvh4b49xYI
"Aliens" actor Al Matthews, who played Sgt. Apone, found dead in Spain https://t.co/7wUIxUhGs0
"To Trump, the closed minds on the Judiciary Committee, and men in general asking why Ford didn’t rush to the authorities, many women would like to ask you: What world are you living in?" https://t.co/8lxYX32hsG
Italians had skewered Argento for claiming that she had been raped orally by Harvey Weinstein. And they were no kinder to her accuser https://t.co/WphVL7PhSI
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