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Twitter page of motor racing journalist & broadcaster, Will Buxton. For the avoidance of doubt, opinions are mine alone.

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@Jontys_Corner @RacecarEngineerA @NorthHertsSamb @mwoodskis @butzisnutz4o @RacingHellphishl @AKocioku @F1t @wtf1coukely a @chainbearf1n @onthemarblesd F1 itself via its Digital division was the fastest growing sport online in the world in 2018. Something of which we are very proud. I’m confused as to why, though, you’d want us to do exactly what you’ve said other people are already doing and doing well.
@RacecarEngineer @NorthHertsSamT @mwoodskih @butzisnutz4e @RacingHellphishr @AKocioke @F1’s a top 10 going up soon (maybe this afternoon) that I hope gives you an example of this. Something that displays tech genius, but in an easily accessible way. For those interested, deep dives in specialist press is something we really hope they’ll want to do.
@RacecarEngineer @NorthHertsSamO @mwoodskiu @butzisnutz4r @RacingHellphish @AKociokh @F1ope, in the short term at least, is to bring in new fans, to begin the path of education about the tech, history and the sporting nature of F1, such that the fanbase will become interested and hopefully be drawn to publications such as yours for that specialist info.
My Valentines date was funny and smart. She was polite and kind. She made me a card and bought me a really thoughtful present. We laughed. A lot. And we ate all the ice cream.

Daddy daughter dinners are the best.
It’s about this time of year I like to wish the eternal ray of sunshine that is @Noemidemiguel a very happy 21st birthday
I don’t know what to believe anymore
That’s an absolutely cracking livery for Sporty Peas Racing
“But one off liveries are a waste of time and money” came the many rebuttals to the throwback concept yesterday.

Get people talking though, don’t they 😉

The Most Relevant

Kimi’s book of Haiku is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen
I see the FIA has increased minimum cockpit evac time to compensate for Halo. Guessing it has also asked fire to burn a bit slower too 👍
Did I see this right? Less than 12 months after his accident, just qualified P5 on his F3 debut? And he doesn’t have the budget for a full season. Get with it business folk. Heavens above how is funding for this superstar even an issue? Have at it Billy 👊
Just watched the podium back and so impressed with the respect Raikkonen showed Gen. John M Murray. Often forget Kimi, like all Finns, did military service. His sudden cap removal when he realised who was shaking his hand was a really classy moment.
We need to stop describing this as "May's" Brexit Deal. As though anything else was ever possible. This isn't May's Brexit. This IS Brexit. This is the reality. Only with this knowledge should the question have been put to the public. And why it must be again.
The side of F1 that won’t make the headlines. But it’s the most important part. Some words. By me.
You know you've been in F1 too long when you don't see your Russian hotel Fire Escape plan. You see Monza.
Whether you voted to leave or to remain, one inalienable fact exists. What is being put forward as the future of our nation has next to nothing in common with what was voted upon. And that is why I back a . Because democracy is fluid. Not a one time pencil mark.
The double diffuser concept which gave BrawnGP its early F1 season advantage in ‘09 was actually conceived by Super Aguri for the stillborn SA09 project. When the team went under is designers found new homes at Honda & Toyota, meaning their teams inherited the giant-killing idea.
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