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Businesses fail because leaders fail. Leaders fail because they B.S. themselves. Join us to hear our advice not his Radio Show: https://t.co/dvBgc09mHQ #financialeducation @jontaffer @BarRescue #BarRescue
It’s easier to break apart than to stay together - this applies to marriage, business, etc. The best things in life take work, and lots of it. #richdad
You get rich because you do things most people will not do. Success requires sacrifice. You must be willing to make those sacrifices. #richdad
Growth and personal development only happens under pressure and stress.
Traditional schools train people to be poor dads. #richdad
Lessons everyone needs to hear about the world of entrepreneurship. Robert Kiyosaki and the President of the Rich Dad Company, Shane Caniglia provide power insight that you've been looking for.. This is how you go from being an employee to an entrepreneur
From a young age, we're taught to avoid mistakes. Instead, we should be encouraged to take on new challenges and learn from the mistakes along the way. #richdad
It's not about becoming rich; it's about attaining wealth. Rich is measured in dollars. Wealth is measured in time. #richdad
This is what happened when I submitted my CASHFLOW board game to a prominent university… Sad to say I’m not shocked: https://t.co/1lNAEeEtm8 #financialeducation
It's so hard to do it by yourself, nearly impossible. Build your team. #richdad
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