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Here are four tips my rich dad taught me about budgeting to becoming rich: https://t.co/LukHTnBv5J #financialeducation
Building a business from the ground up is one of the most fulfilling achievements you’ll ever experience. #richdad
There is nothing more dangerous than a person with only one right answer. #richdad
Asset can be anything as long as it has value, produces income or appreciates, and has a ready market. Assets put money IN your pocket. #richdad
In the Information Age, the richest people are entrepreneurs. We may not ever become a king or a queen but we can all be entrepreneurs. #Entrepreneurship
Two important leadership skills are: how to Unite to win as well as Divide to win. Dividing is easy. Uniting takes much more skill. #richdad
People will say “no” more often than they’ll say “yes.” Rejection can hurt, but that’s no reason to give up. #richdad
Everyone's neuro pattern in their mind is as unique as their fingerprint. Find your own genius.
“That’s how we made our money, through rental income”: https://t.co/fMvGV1lXP1 #financialeducation
When a person lies or refuses your orders, your first real test of your leadership skills is in front of you.
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