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  3. #china exports year-on-year at 11.3%


We bring the numbers here in New York in support of our colleagues, who have now been in a Myanmar jail for a year. We stand with them, and seek their release.

The stock market is having its worst year in a decade. Here’s what to do now, depending on your age https://t.co/KYRcHvBAMb
#CreditRisk FAQ "Can legacy #creditratings predict borrower-level default probabilities in my country at the maturity I care about?" Answer for #USA for a 1 year maturity "34%" #credit #IFRS9 #CVA #CECL
A private jet company is letting rich people celebrate New Year's Eve twice by flying them around the world in a Gulfstream G550 for $353,650 https://t.co/VxKUReH3iF
$PYPL inside week, coming out of consolidation just like earlier this year
I love being Shoulder to Shoulder with @unemon1 on $NTEC... Stock of the Year 2019..
“Canary In The Coal Mine”: House Flipping Returns Crash To Six-Year Low https://t.co/RqSgesp0Cu
“Canary In The Coal Mine”: House Flipping Returns Crash To Six-Year Low https://t.co/FY7ElgzNSh

It’s been a year with our colleagues in Myanmar behind bars. A year.
20 gifts on everyone's Amazon wish list this year https://t.co/H6RnxCoW9J
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