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#WCA18 Judges' Insights: @PeterCochrane has his say on the role 5G will play in boosting availability levels for ultra-fast broadband.

Peter is just one of 50 judges at this year's World Communication Awards - book your table now to avoid disappointment: https://t.co/MWOf2CeuLu
Trade war puts the hoof into U.S. pig part exports to China https://t.co/6tBVAKvAF5
Trade war puts the hoof into U.S. pig part exports to China https://t.co/qsj5JqXOCC
Despite their success in this year's #WorldCup England are traditionally not a leading team in football and yet their players are some of the most paid in the world https://t.co/aDu0AzmmMI New blog post exploring 3 factors on why the super-rich are paid so much
After peaking at over 440bn cubic metres a year in 2015, gas production in Asia is predicted to start gradually declining in the coming decade #ONGT #LNG https://t.co/SGStymvEKI
In fiscal year 2018, which ended on 31 March, liquefied natural gas provided more than half of all the gas #India consumed https://t.co/zhgQLIrJ2A
ANGI Homeservices $ANGI Sets New 1-Year High at $17.05 https://t.co/ReAGOm3eaK
Select committee evidence session continued.

Opperman says a decision on the Pensions Dashboard will be made 'fairly soon'.

He is pressed on whether it will be this year.

"I will be very disappointed it is not this year," said Opperman.
Actions and agreements coming to fruition in the months ahead promise to make 2018 a turnaround year for #Kazakhstan #OOTT https://t.co/XNxYSGkP1m
Savills : The only way is offices with Essex on track for record year https://t.co/Nex8M2lO9k
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