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A weird, cigar-shaped object flew through the solar system last year. Now astronomers may know where it came from. https://t.co/vsSgYm6ST0
China is building nearly ten airports a year, more than any other country https://t.co/nICFW4VdfQ
Nike wants investors to know that its business' strength extends beyond Colin Kaepernick. The company delivered strong results in its most recent quarter, including double-digit growth in sneaker and clothing sales, digital sales and profit vs. last year. https://t.co/nmISWYCJtL
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Woah! Chuck Schumer was accused of raping & impregnating a 16-year-old!

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Your bonus next year is going to be a lot smaller ➡️https://t.co/MYLNa6EXQv
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Abbott touts low rates of stroke, death in 1-year Portico TAVR study: Abbott (NYSE:ABT) today released one-year results from a study exploring the use of its Portico transcatheter aortic valve replacement system in patients with symptomatic, severe… https://t.co/5zybb05MpB
Getting ready to kick off Year 2 of @Stanford CS 007, “Personal Finance for Engineers”
Aurora Cannabis is becoming the Berkshire Hathaway of pot: Canada-based Aurora Cannabis Inc. tripled its revenue thanks to bigger weed sales in the final quarter of its fiscal year, but the pot producer’s profit gains were mostly the result… https://t.co/tSUsbz0dQp MARKETWATCH
At UN this year, it’s Trump versus the world https://t.co/6zemmSjvSL
India's prime minister Narendra Modi spent most of his formative years in a Hindu organisation that condemned Gandhi. Now he's leading a committee that will celebrate the 'father of the nation' for a whole year https://t.co/RMnKB9k0Vp
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