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Asus #Zenbook S13: Leichtes #Notebook mit 97 Prozent Screen-to-Body-Ratio
Asus #Zenbook S13: Leichtes #Notebook mit 97 Prozent Screen-to-Body-Ratio
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Apex Legends has a new patch. Here's what it does
very wealthy tech people tweeting their objection to @Ocasio2018 income tax proposals and yet silent on this presidents actions on the "national emergency" wall, healthcare, social justice etc is deeply upsetting
May you never be so poor that you have to smuggle your child out of hospital
President Trump has a long history of burning things down in his business and political life, particularly when he’s cornered — and then trying to spin success out of failure. The border wall fight and his “national emergency” are just the latest episodes:
If you want to start a company because it sounds like a nifty way to make money, you are wasting your time. Start a company because you have this idea that is just eating you alive inside and you have to get it out into the world for the pure satisfaction of making it happen.
Good morning everyone ☀️❤️♥️
Have a wonderful day!
Bar the windows and the doors. Then listen to @AvrilLavigne's new album #HeadAboveWater all day 🖤
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Square Enix Expects A Major Game Release Later This Year -
Rod Rosenstein needs to explain why he abetted Trump’s firing of Comey and then frantically plotted against Trump for firing Comey.
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