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Latest Scoops

“By the time she started hitting the table and shouting about being “John McCain’s daughter,” Behar was clearly taken aback, muttering, “Oh my god” under her breath.” https://t.co/uGtvrIXPqk
🎶 Qanon do do do do do do 🎶
.@ENBrown found us like this this morning
To ALL of Esme’s fans out there: she is still the greatest of cats. Gemini coming our lives has not diminished that of course but as u can imagine they’re still acclimating to one another so Esme is hiding & pissed off at me, hence sparse pic representation of our 1st ragdoll...
The @MotherJones alumnus octopus takeover of @thedailybeast continues apace
I am almost too afraid to look to see if there’s already a “Donald trump do do do do do do do” video
Has that traitor @desiderioDC started at his fake news blog yet
hot scoop from @ErinBanco today: the second shutdown of the Trump era is having the unintended consequences of State Department officials coming into work in their pajamas https://t.co/sFhB0hnbIa
oh god if this all goes south for Steve King finally and the GOP finally does something about it, he’ll have to settle for being an elected US representative with the ear of the president
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