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Social media editor / reporter at @TheDailyBeast. Ex- @MotherJones & Bangkok Post. A Rolling Stones fan. asawin.suebsaeng@thedailybeast.com

Latest Scoops

New episode of @thedailybeast podcast Omnishambles coming out today, feat. host @samsteinhp, me, an@ErinBancod , who sam and I kick off the show by owning lol
The screaming cowboy meme and video are so useful for my serious DC reporter tweets
Just make a hologram of Hope Hicks the next chief of staff
“The inability of these shows to simply quit him says as much about them as it does him.” https://t.co/pwT4Sp4qgj by @AndrewKirell
Just make Pam Bondi chief of staff, who cares
lol at all the nick Ayers beat sweeteners lolololol
remember when Claire mccaskill went MAGA-lite on the caravan but then got owned and voted out anyway, lol
“The best thing Reince Priebus has going for him is John,” former Trump comms czar & current Kelly hater Anthony Scaramucci told The Daily Beast. “It’s basically a race to the bottom as to who was the worst chief of staff in White House history.” https://t.co/VgJoT2gfAl
Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani tonight, responding to the court docs today: the feds are “fucking angry with” Michael Cohen, & “believe me, he can’t handle jail.” Giuliani did, however, add he felt “sorry for” Cohen. https://t.co/3Wj9MDKT7z
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