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You could win tickets to @KylieMinogue's Golden Tour and a meet & greet with the pop princess herself! 🎉
The hilarious @TheBiancaDelRio talks about bringing her biting brand of comedy to Australia and what it's like to be a worldwide drag superstar!
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Hilarious world famous drag superstar @TheBiancaDelRio is here! 🙌🏻
Arthritis is one of the leading causes of pain and disability worldwide but relief is on the horizon for millions of sufferers thanks to clever Aussie researchers.
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LIVE from Mulletfest, @MrSamMac presents the world premiere of ‘Party In The Back!’ 🇦🇺
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WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES. Meet the Northern Territory bloke who has been attacked by a shark twice — and still gets back in the water! 🦈
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You can now buy a house with its own Irish pub — stage, bar and all! 🇮🇪🍻
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WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES. Meet the bloke whose been attacked by sharks twice — and still gets back in the water! 🦈
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WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES. Meet the bloke attacked by a shark not once, but twice — and he’s still getting back in the water! 🦈
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The Most Relevant

VIDEO: The moment the wrong @MissUniverse was crowned on LIVE television... #sun7 #MissUniverse2015
Korean boy band @bts_bighit is taking the music world by storm! 🇰🇷
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.@justinbieber will PEFORM LIVE on @sunriseon7! And you can win tickets to see him! #sun7
IN PICTURES: @justinbieber takes over Sunrise! See all the amazing photos here -
How different is @justinbieber to how he was a year ago? In his words: "it's as different as night and day." #BieberOnSun7
DON'T MISS! Australia has caught Bieber fever! Find out what @justinbieber has got planned here, ahead of his Sunrise concert event. #sun7
Calling all @justinbieber fans in Oz! He's coming back to Australia for #whatdoyoumean! Are you EXCITED?! #sun7
On @sunriseon7 tomorrow, @justinbieber performs LIVE and EXCLUSIVE in a television event! #bieberonsun7 #sun7
Meet Knickers, Australia’s biggest steer!

He’s 194cm tall, weighs 1.4t and has been saved from the abattoir because he simply won’t fit through the doors. 🐄
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Australia’s biggest band @5SOS​ will join us LIVE on Wednesday 5th August for an exclusive interview #sun7 #5SOS
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