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Love it: Rex Murphy: Spare us the yoga-mat mantras about the environment and the economy #cdnpoli
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13 years ago, D-Wade put on a perfect round to beat LBJ in the #TacoBellSkills Challenge

(via @NBAHistory)
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Think of all the people incarcerated right now on marijuana charges. And you wonder why so many people understand that criminal justice is often neither fair nor just.
There is no greater opportunity, better international environment, and excellent justification today for crossing the ceasefire line and re-take Muzzafarabad in PoK, use Israeli sold drones to bomb Azhar, and abolish Art 370 by a stroke of a pen
D-Wade discussed his unique relationship and competition with Kobe.

(via @NBAonTNT)
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25 years ago today, David Robinson racked up a quadruple-double. Nobody’s done it since.

34 points
10 boards
10 assists
10 blocks
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