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That would be because most people have no idea of what Bill C-69 is: Bill C-69 is not a highly controversial national issue Abacus Data #cdnpoli
If House committee falls flat, Scheer may seek Senate study of SNC-Lavalin affair #cdnpoli
Not banning it could be costly to our national security and right to privacy: Banning Huawei from Canada's 5G networks could be costly for taxpayers #cdnpoli
THIS IS CNN: Reporter helps Kamala Harris try on clothes during campaign stop via @american_mirror
Jussie Smollett no longer considered a victim in case, Chicago police say #FoxNews
It will be interesting to see what the Star and Buzzfeed consider fake news and disinformation leading up to the Oct. 21 Canadian election. I suspect the Sun, which has often been accused of fake news (like the Star) will be a target. Perhaps healthy skepticism will be in order.
Its first joint effort with the Star, according to both organizations,was a feature discrediting the Yellow Vest Movement. While they says they will be exposing fake news on the left and the right, both the Star and Buzzfeed are on the left, as the Toronto Sun is on the right.
Instead, it has asked Mueller to specify what he disputes in the report, but there are serious concerns voiced in other media about how it did its story. See here: Two weeks later, BuzzFeed’s bombshell Trump report has yet to be corroborated
Buzzfeed is now in the midst of its own controversy about a 2-week-old bombshell story it wrote about Donald Trump that has been, extraordinarily, described as inaccurate by the Mueller probe. In the face of that, BuzzFeed has neither substantiated its report, nor corrected it.
Buzzfeed, see here, Is a highly successful social media company that has mastered the art/science of clickbait and is best known for its so-called 'listicles' that at times appear to meld sponsored content and news.

The Most Relevant

This is Jerry Dias president of Unifor, representing 2,000 media workers, who just vowed to defeat Andrew Scheer in next year's election ... Oh, the other guy is Justin Trudeau. He just gave $595 million of taxpayer money to the beleaguered media industry
Dear hysterical protesters at the Munk debate last night: The Prime Minister of Canada defending banks being compelled to give personal transaction data about you to Statistics Canada, is a way bigger threat to your civil liberties than Steve Bannon debating David Frum. #cdnpoli
Imagine if a court told Ontario it couldn't develop its auto sector, Quebec its hydro sector, BC its softwood lumber sector. That's the level of anger many Albertans must be feeling about today's court ruling on Trans Mountain. Tha anger is completely justified. #cdnpoli #abpoli
Interesting: CBC ombudsman says CBC failed to comply with its own journalistic standards on accuracy & impartiality in two stories on climate change. Even the corrections the CBC eventually made 'violated ... principles on correction of errors & honesty'
Everyone get what this means? 1 dead, 227 injured, 52 arrested in France as 280,000 protesters, supported by 70% of the French population according to the polls, protest fuel prices rising 23% in 12 months due to carbon taxes. Welcome to the Paris accord
Yeah. Because this is exactly how a totally innocent Prime Minister and his PMO henchpeople would behave. Clearly, no scandal here: Liberals to block opposition attempt to probe SNC-Lavalin affair while continuing to silence Jody Wilson-Raybould #cdnpoli
New poll finds that of the 43% of Canadians who are following #LavScam, 73% believe former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould is more credible on the issue compared to only 27% who believe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is more credible #cdnpoli
Just so we're clear: It is now standard operating procedure by the Government of Canada to quietly pass a law potentially helping a favoured company in Quebec escape criminal prosecution, while advocating internally that federal prosecutors not pursue a criminal charge. #cdnpoli
I'll just leave this here:

Pierre Trudeau, 1984: "I do not think the purpose of a government is to right the past. It cannot rewrite history. It is our purpose to be just in our time."

Can someone in the Liberal government explain why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can publicly comment on his government's actions in the SNC-Lavalin scandal & Attorney General David Lametti can comment on them, but former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould can't? #cdnpoli
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