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Sorry, this should be in December (16) 2018, not 2017. "The OIC General Secretariat condemned this terrorist act and called upon the international community to play its role in order to reach a just and lasting solution to the conflict in Kashmir "
Dialling back tensions? 5 days after the PM Modi said the "time for talks was over", he says he will test Pakistan PM Khan on "keeping his word" on terror.
India to be guest of honour at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation for the first time, Sushma Swaraj to address inaugural plenary on March 1. Bangladesh and Turkey had proposed India being granted observer status.
Enjoyed #GullyBoy for the sheer positivity and energy of its characters, left cinema smiling . Alia Bhatt is without artifice,Ranvir Singh isn't overacting and the rest of the cast quite super, with a special mention for MC Sher Siddhant Chaturvedi. #mustwatch #popreview
Yes, what hasn't been lost in spending the week dealing with Argentina, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.
The Saudi Crown Prince visit to India was not short on outcomes, but the avoidable optics of clubbing it within a day of Pakistan visit has ensured comparisons will be made especially Post-Pulwama. @the_hindu Edit on MBS trip
Terror financing watchdog FATF plenary in Paris decides to keep Pakistan on greylist, review its action against terror groups in June and October.
International Olympic Committee suspends discussions with India, puts off all olympic events hosted here after India refuses to issue visas to Pakistani shooters expected to participate in the ongoing ISSF World Cup.
@bradsobers reports
Pre-emptive action by Pakistan govt on JeM HQ? State forces take administrative control of madrassa complex

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No one killed anyone.
But everyone died.
Hope someone knows why.
Gets stranger and stranger... The Defence Minister told the Defence Secretary to "resolve" issue with the PMO after Secy complained about the PMO's interference ? The objections in para 4 of Def Secys letter seem quite specific, not simply "checking progress"...
Why should we be ashamed if @karanjohar doesn't stand up to bullies?Govt/Police haven't banned film, MHA hasnt chan…
124 nations contributed to this version of Mahatma Gandhi's favourite bajan.. Vaishnava jan toh...
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Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman after talks with PM Modi makes no mention of #PulwamaAttack or cross border terror concerns. Says will 'cooperate on all fronts on terror, be it intelligence sharing to ensure a brighter future for our upcoming generations.'
Akbar has threatened 12 sr journalists with legal action. How does he answer former interns like Majlie & Ruth, who say they were just out of school when he made advances on them? Can the govt get away without ordering an enquiry?
India calls on UNSC members to ban Masood Azhar, leader of Jaish e Mohammad, "given full freedom by the government of Pakistan to carry out attacks in India and elsewhere with impunity"
Empire strikes back. Minister, backed by PM and full cabinet, to be represented by the biggest law firm, also defended by some senior columnists, as he takes on 14 women, 2 of whom were teenagers when they say he sexually harassed them with court cases.We are all on trial today.
"I was not a Prime Minister who was afraid of speaking to the press," says Former PM Dr. Singh, in obvious jibe at PM Modi, says he addressed the press after every foreign trip, and despite nervousness of officials addressed the National Press Club in Washington too.
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