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Live indie dance duo @MANICS_ just dropped their 80s infused single "Deja Rendezvu” on @dimmak 💎 Stream now: https://t.co/3otZ7KpR8E
Snooooowwwwwboarding In Idaho!!! Thank u @sunvalley @idarado
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I dropped my first remix of 2019 and it’s out now. Plus there’s two drops tell me which one u like more! @CheatCodesMusic @IKimPetras
Excited to go on a UK tour with these dudes @CheatCodesMusic next month so had to remix their song Feeling of Falling w/ @IKimPetras 💪🏻💪🏻 let me know what u think!https://t.co/nzBkLcHQXo
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San Diego!! @OmniaSanDiego is gonna be insane February 8th!! Don't miss me, tickets: https://t.co/plVlYoCnd9
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Hoping you guys can help raise money to help this boy fight cancer. Internet do your thing!

ONE MONTH AWAY! UK let's do this. Bringing my boys @Deorro and @CheatCodesMusic with me - tickets here: https://t.co/JkireWTQz6
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Nothing but mad mad love to all our fans for getting us this award. It’s your votes that got us here so thank uuuu! #allnight @LaurenJauregui @TeenChoiceFOX
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