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The real Stephen A. Smith. Check me out at http://Facebook.com/StephenA.

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New Stephen A. Smith After Dark podcast - @Realrclark25 joins to defend Adam Gase and talk about the changes in NFL coaching this past season. https://t.co/KaJJvuNlwZ
New Stephen A. Smith After Dark podcast -The upcoming NFC/AFC Conference Championships and Jerry Jones' comments on Jason Garrett. https://t.co/n36FJX5A70
New Stephen A. Smith After Dark podcast - I hope that the @nyjets got it right after apparently trying to nickel and dime Mike McCarthy. https://t.co/9PsHvX172U
Chris Paul will have to BALL.
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You know I got to talk about that Adam Gase press conference. Tune in to #ESPNews and #ESPNRadio NOW for the Stephen A. Smith radio show.
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Who did it better? Haaaaaaa
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I believe there's NEVER been MORE pressure on Chris Paul.
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After Dark podcast: @damienwoody joins the show to talk about the AFC and NFC Championship games being set. https://t.co/VGSGZoyBUA
After Dark podcast: I break down what I saw this past weekend in the NFL and get a strange prank call. https://t.co/rgOHFLZ5Ng
After Dark podcast: What can go wrong will go wrong when it comes to the Cowboys. https://t.co/OZCSw7uDDE
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