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#MartinLutherKing is famous for using nonviolent tactics to help secure #CivilRights for African Americans, but his legacy is global. There are THOUSANDS of streets around the world bearing his name, from #Argentina to #Austria! #BlackHistoryMonth
Happy #PresidentsDay! How much do you know about U.S. presidents? Take our short quiz and share your score on Facebook and Twitter! @shareamerica got 7/7! 😉
The #USA will continue to lead in the development of #AI! The new American AI Initiative will promote AI research and development & provide ethical guidelines for the industry! @TechCampGlobal @TechWomen @EconEngage
Half a world away from #DRC and #SouthSudan, U.S. researchers in #Ohio are racing to develop a new vaccine against #Ebola. Health officials ultimately want vaccines that protect against ALL strains of Ebola. @USEmbKinshasa @USMissionJuba
At the @OAS_official on 2/14, the int'l community pledged more than $100 million in aid for #Venezuela! This includes our pledge of $20 million, with more to come from the #USA . #EstamosUnidosVE @USAID @USAandEurope
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The #USA agrees w/ @MFATurkey's assessment: “It is no longer a secret that more than one million #Uighur Turks incurring arbitrary arrests are subjected to torture & political brainwashing in internment camps and prisons.” @USEmbassyTurkey @eAsiaMediaHub
The children of #Venezuela have suffered and starved over the past several years because of the corruption & mismanagement of #Maduro. @jguaido's government has offered an alternative. #EstamosUnidosVE @State_DRL@AfricaMediaHub @eAsiaMediaHub
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"Everyone is leaving because of the cruel reality in #Venezuela” yet #NicolasMaduro blocks humanitarian aid from @USAID. These 3 young men have been walking for 6 days straight & aren't halfway through their 640km journey to #Colombia. #EstamosUnidosVE
Among #China’s "banned Islamic baby names": Fatima, Arafat & Mujahit. Those who don't follow the rules risk being sent to internment camps. Survivors report that prisoners are forced to renounce #Islam or face torture. @AmbSaperstein @eAsiaMediaHub

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Check out the latest news and photos from President Trump’s historic summit with the leader of North Korea
To stop transnational organized crime, @StateINL has experts from @TheJusticeDept & @ICEgov teach at Int'l Law Enforcement Academies (ILEAs). Our ILEAs train law enforcement from other countries how to combat crimes like human trafficking & terrorism
트럼프 대통령과 북한 지도자의 역사적인 정상회담에 대한 최신 뉴스와 사진을 확인하십시오
#미국과 #북한은 이번 주에 역사적인 정상회담을 개최합니다. 하지만 이는 양국의 첫 만남이 아닙니다. 이에 대한 간략한 연대기가 여기 있습니다.
Denials, denials ... and more denials... for years. Now #Russia says the 9M729 missile DOES exist. The #USA has lived up to its half of the bargain - now it's Russia's turn. The #INFTreaty is at stake. @USApoRusski @USEmbRu @USNATO
The #USA and #NorthKorea are holding a historic summit this week, but this isn't the first time they've met. Here's a brief timeline.
The #USA has given 10million books to schools throughout #Malawi bec we know education is the key. 📖📚 got to see those books at work transforming lives🇺🇸🇲🇼 #FLOTUSinAfrica2018
#미국과 #북한간의 외교관계 역사에 대해서 아십니까? 연대기를 통해 알아보시기 바랍니다.
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