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  3. breaking: the wh has just posted the following new footage of @acosta
BREAKING: The WH has just posted the following new footage of @Acosta
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BREAKING: The WH has just posted the following new footage of @Acosta


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Winter storm could bring up to 12 inches of snow to parts of our area this weekend. @WPXIScott has new timing for the storm, NOW on 11 Morning News. https://t.co/mQiKlPjlh0
UPDATE: The Two Rivers Police Department says the situation on Madison Street has been resolved, and all the roads will be open soon. Local 5 is still working to confirm what happened. We'll keep you posted with updates. https://t.co/lNORbSoTNB
“Get used to this,” said Ben Nimmo, a research fellow at the Atlantic Council. “It’s not just Facebook. It’s going to be all the platforms. This is the new normal.” https://t.co/OfErWI8Byb
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The odds of a shutdown compromise just hit a depressing new low | Analysis by @CillizzaCNN https://t.co/9kcGJmIqlB
⚠ BURST WATER MAIN ⚠ The A1 Goswell Road has a lane closed - lane two (of two) northbound just before the A501 City Road in Islington due to repairs to a burst water main. Traffic is slow on the approach.
The Met Office has just issued ANOTHER weather warning for snow 👀❄️
Turkish prosecutors are trying to extradite a New York Knicks player — and outspoken critic of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Here’s how the situation has escalated for three years. https://t.co/wsgSCjLyPs
With the USGS in Menlo Park closed due to the federal shutdown, a UC Berkeley lab has picked up the slack following two recent earthquakes in the Bay Area. https://t.co/OvxhxmqDBZ
On social media platform Twitter, Tharoor posted a before-after photo of the Ram janmabhoomi in Ayodhya that shows just rocks on the disputed site
I just changed to the new Twitter, and I don't think I was ready for it.
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