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Latest Scoops

CNN's S.E. Cupp: 'The Next Two Years Will be the Equivalent of a Rectal Exam for Trump' https://t.co/LJef983fIv via @mediaite
CNN's Brian Stelter: Trump Said 'A Lot of Things That Don't Make Sense' in California https://t.co/T852tegSh9 via @mediaite
We are live at 6pm ET tonight on @cnn to talk about all the late-breaking news of the day. No rest for the news-hungry.
"How the Generals Are Routing the Policy Wonks at the Pentagon. At stake is civilian control of the military." https://t.co/XaioQAoJVO
Trump on @OrrinHatch: "He liked me right from the beginning and so I liked him." Sounds about right.
I hate to be a wet blanket, but if this Avenatti story is true, it’s no reason to dunk or high five. There’s a victim at its center who likely doesn’t care about the political chess pieces. But carry on...
Long-forgotten Einstein letter that predicted threat of anti-Semitism reemerges with ominous message https://t.co/u0FNiVewSB
Fox News Backs CNN Lawsuit: WH Passes ‘Should Never Be Weaponized' https://t.co/PBcFfRJMVz via @mediaite
It’s been just a week since Trump lost his total grip on power. And it’s demonstrated why he might not run for re-election. https://t.co/Vg6nSkrWbP
I’m old enough to remember the countless FOX panels railing against “THE INDOCTRINATION OF OUR CHILDREN!!” https://t.co/WqKHfUyUQd
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