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Robert Barnes covers the Supreme Court for The Washington Post.

Latest Scoops

Donna F. Edwards and Harry Litman join The Washington Post’s Opinions section https://t.co/YO2uA3qab0
Those challenging decision to add citizenship question to census says upcoming #scotus case on whether Commerce Sec Ross may be deposed should be scrapped now that judge has ruled. Admin likely to tell court to use the case to review decision https://t.co/8PkDpgAWqs
With RBG briefly sidelined, J. Sotomayor makes strong move in Celebrity Justice stakes: subway mural https://t.co/lzUjkz4UbJ
In the Virginia Senate, at least six of the 21 Republicans regularly bring guns on the floor. Most of the time, they keep their weapons concealed. That was true for Chase too, until this week. via @LVozzella https://t.co/xRMrZEPCwC
On 100th anniversary of ratification of Prohibition--coincidence?--Supreme Court justices seem skeptical of Tenn. residency requirement for liquor store owners https://t.co/aS9DombD3p
Supreme Court sets low threshold for sentencing repeat violent offenders to stiff prison terms. In 5-4 decision, Breyer joins the conservatives, Roberts joins the liberals https://t.co/HDsTrxKdUQ
Barr vows to let special counsel investigation finish and says it is ‘very important’ Congress and the public be told of the findings via @mattzap https://t.co/3jEhPdbP8D
#scotus announced no action this morning on cases involving DACA, questions of gay/transgender discrimination, abortion, transgender military ban. So all of those remain live options for now
Without comment, #scotus turns away challenge to the legality of Matt Whitaker's appointment as acting attorney general
#SCOTUS shoveled out and open for bidness (whether you think that’s a good thing or not)
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