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The media characterizing Trump’s proposal to build more makeshift immigrant detention centers as a plan to “better care for the refugees” is wildly irresponsible.
GOP Congressman yells “go back to Puerto Rico” at a Latino Congressman days after another Republican identifies as a white supremacist. And the Republican President wants to divert PR disaster relief funds to a racist wall. This is what a racist political organization looks like.
Baton Rouge officer kills #JordanFrazier, then shoots at Raheem Howard 3 months later. Officer claims Raheem shot first and has him jailed. Then dept fires officer finding he lied.

Today the officer got his job back under Louisiana Police Bill of Rights.
Bruh THIS is Plymouth Rock?!?!?
A Border Patrol agent shot 4 Hispanic women in two weeks because “no one would care about them” and it’s barely even being reported in the news.https://t.co/wvmdtXWR7e
Steve King attempting to justify his racist and xenophobic beliefs by asking “Why did I sit in classes teaching the merits of our history and civilization” is such a telling insight into how white supremacy is reproduced by America’s education system.
Not coincidentally, the demographics of who used the more empowering platforms (Twitter, MySpace) were different than those who used Facebook. Platform design matters to who uses it and whether it helps or hurts broader goals of addressing social inequities and improving society.
Today 1,400,000 Floridians with past felony convictions are now eligible to vote. Retweet this to make sure everyone who’s eligible knows their rights have been restored and they can register to vote online today at https://t.co/rhLelI3Gg5
News networks should live fact check Trump’s speech tomorrow.
It’s interesting how the #MAGA crowd is so opposed to the 70% top income tax rate and 77% estate tax rate that were in place during the same time period they claim they want America to return to.
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