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•l i v e • o r i g i n a l• Hebrews 10:35

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one body,
one spirit,
one anthem, I am not alone.

listen to “One’ now: https://t.co/IP6gT4XTPv
you are in everything, you are in everything.
you are over all, you are over all.

listen to “One’ now: https://t.co/IP6gT4XTPv
Today is a special day!! I’m sharing the meaning and life behind the song “One” and LO Worship. This was an incredible and hilarious experience. Watch the full video on YouTube: https://t.co/vnCKDkY95T

Listen to “One’ now: https://t.co/IP6gT4XTPv
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Two more hours... can't wait to share with y'all.
making friends today at ’s Give-back Gift Shop in NYC! with me this h#ShineBrightoliday season and find out how one gift can change a life: http: //bit.ly/2zjpMXy
serious face for serious savings in the LO store today thru monday !!!!! https://t.co/Lz7E2A5Qeh
that moment when you’re innocently scrolling through someone’s slides on Instagram and you slide over left just one too many times and aggressively get shown what you’re face has looked like the whole time you were on your phone. Humbling reality.
step into what God is calling you to do.
start to build the kingdom where you are.
use the gifts that God has given you.
then the enemy will lose confidence because of what you are doing.
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