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Politico was also founded with money looted from the Chilean people by Pinochet and stashed in Riggs Bank.

Have fun fact checking that one, too, cuz it’s actually true.
Rule number 1 when you’re doing a snarky fact check is don’t get your facts wrong while doing it.
Hey Politico lemme help you with your fact check here. Might wanna fix this.
@waleed2go You sure this is hedging? Yes, Bernie’s bill gradually lowers the Medicare age until everybody is in within like 4 years. There’s nothing sacred about that though. It’s not selling out to say maybe we start at birth and raise the age and get there that way.
@AmandaMarcotte I interviewed probably hundreds of women in the resistance in 2017 and 2018 and nearly all, if not all, were able to make at least small contributors, and did. What’s your source on this claim that women aren’t donating? Not at all my understanding
for confused people: this is a list rental. Kos makes a lot of its revenue (smartly) through email. People who sign onto this email will join Bernie's list, and he'll pay Kos for each acquisition.
@ClaraJeffery @tomwatsonNo, the opposite. Twitter is an absolutely awful place, particularly for women and POC. No doubt.

You said earlier you’re merely offering analysis. What I’m saying is I genuinely think that you’re doing more than that, and it’s contributing to the toxicity of the debate.
@ClaraJeffery @tomwatsonIt’s not bad faith. In all sincerity, and with a ton of respect for the journalism you’ve done over the years, I genuinely think you’re wrong about this and are contributing, albeit with good underlying intentions, to mushrooming toxicity on this site. Just my 2 cents

The Most Relevant

One way to keep children from not dying in prison camps is to not put children in prison camps
At $70 billion/year, Warren’s universal child care program would cost roughly what Congress added casually to the Pentagon budget with no debate or even rationale
Kavanaugh even lied about his connections to Yale: “I have no connections there. I got there by busting my tail.”

See this yearbook. He was legacy; his grandfather went there. What pathetic perjury.
Mark Judge says (under penalty of felony) that he avoids public speaking engagements due to anxiety, meanwhile his publisher literally lists him as a *public speaker*. Maybe instead of a subpoena the Senate can just book him to speak...
Senior White House aide Rob Porter physically assaulted two ex-wives, they tell . Full story to come in the morning.

His first wife, Colbie Holderness, provided these photos from a vacation they took together in Florence, Italy:
The “Problem Solvers Caucus” is funded by billionaires through a front group, called No Labels. Their super PAC spent millions to elect the handful of Democrats now trying to ally with Republicans and jam everything up
The border patrol systematically destroys water supplies for people walking in the desert, so that they will die or turn back in their attempt to reach the United States. That's just a fact.
.@Ocasio2018 is on NPR talking about funding the Green New Deal by decoupling tax revenue from government spending. Heads are exploding across Washington.
Feinstein's staff did not leak the letter to The Intercept
Pro-Israel lobby caught on tape boasting that its money influences Washington by @ryangrim
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