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Russell Brand EXPOSED UK Tour 2016 - Nottingham, Bath, Brighton, Dunstable, Tunbridge Wells, Crawley, Folkestone, Reading tickets on my website below!

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"Populist Revolution - Will It Go Left Or Right?"

You can watch today's #UnderTheSkin podcast with @RedPillBlack here: https://t.co/bB2pchd3iM
Explosive #UnderTheSkin podcast with me and @RedPillBlack out today!
🎧 Desktop: https://t.co/eqE86WQwiQ
🎙️ Spotify: https://t.co/Nqdy84SH0b
🍏 iTunes: https://t.co/gWTtld7qCq
Me and @RedPillBlack and, of course, a Hitler joke. It’s at the end.

#UnderTheSkin tomorrow - YouTube, Spotify, iTunes etc.
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"Right VS Left - Who Gets The power? Who Loves The People?"

I chose this bit as an example of this explosive episode of #UnderTheSkin but BELIEVE ME @RedPillBlack gives as good as she gets.
Out this Saturday 15th December.
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Message of Gratitude - 16 years Clean. THANK YOU. ❤
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Today I am 16 years clean and sober. Thanks to my program I was freely given and all the people that have helped me. THANK YOU.
Let me know what you think about this book.
UK: https://t.co/c3ytbE4k06
Australia: https://t.co/udWhW3zIFq
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It’s not all transcendence and oneness. There is also smut.
#ReBirth on Netflix. @NetflixIsAJoke.
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I’m on @talkSPORT between 12-1PM TODAY with the great @JimWhite @bobmillstt and @mickygray33 tune in!
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