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Russell Brand EXPOSED UK Tour 2016 - Nottingham, Bath, Brighton, Dunstable, Tunbridge Wells, Crawley, Folkestone, Reading tickets on my website below!

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Watch the full uncut meditation here https://t.co/ZlcxV2uPrY
Mantra meditation. How did you get on?
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1. Admit problem
2. Believe it can change
3. Decide to ask for help

This is the format for commencement of self change.
You don’t make them for yourself, you ask for help and accept help.
Stalls are SOLD OUT for #UnderTheSkin Live in #Dublin this Saturday - some tickets left for the circle.
Get em here: https://t.co/Lw8SLmpYkm #ticketfairy
I think some people are mentally incapable of being honest, this is a big obstacle. Plus there is such a thing as ‘clinical mental illness’. With addiction though, there is always hope after surrender and willingness to accept help.
"Everything beautiful in the world is within you..."
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Watch @TheRock contend with S.T.I jokes and highly infectious Englishness from ME.
@BallersHBO returns tonight at 10PM on @HBO
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This @kanyewest appearance on @jimmykimmel is beautiful. What an advanced and incredible bloke
Yes. Step 8/9 in a 12 step program. See my book/audiobook Recovery or google it. List those we have harmed, make amends when possible - a sincere, guided apology and attempt to atone (once more, at-one).
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