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Dr Sindy Joyce has become the first Traveller in Ireland to graduate with a PhD https://t.co/QyRsbSMDxs
Both sides went home happy. But that can’t last... https://t.co/Dzf8FNCbz0
The Government says it regrets the outcome of the Brexit vote, saying it adds to the uncertainty | https://t.co/NdTc9TaMUk
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RTÉ Political Correspondent @MichealLehane and Northern Editor Tommie Gorman on the fallout of the #Brexit vote
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Government statement says it regrets outcome of the vote in Westminster
With demonstrators from both sides of the #brexit debate outside the House of Commons today, it was the pro-EU side that was happier with the result, reports @RTENewsPaulC
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RTÉ London Correspondent @mitchefi and Europe Editor @tconnellyrte with snap analysis on the #Brexit vote
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After two and a half years of debate and delay, and with just 73 days to go to Brexit, British MPs have voted overwhelmingly to reject Theresa May's #Brexit Withdrawal deal. | https://t.co/G810te9q5c
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Businesses urged to step up Brexit no-deal contingency plans following tonight’s agreement vote defeat
Motion of no confidence will allow House to give 'its verdict on the sheer incompetence of this government' says Labour leader Jeremy Corybn #BrexitVote
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