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The Royal Society is a Fellowship of the world's most eminent scientists and is the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence. http://t.co/RVhEldfBvO

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Beautiful illustration of one of the most important scientific observational tools at Science in the Making: https://t.co/KplzhxK2rs
Have you heard of the hagfish? Perhaps you know it as the 'snot snake'? Scientists have been fascinated by its ability to create enough mucus to suffocate a shark. New research in #interface might have the answer as to how it achieves this https://t.co/hwSUo7LBwX
A previously theoretical binary star system has been discovered by researchers from @warwickuni, including #RS_ResearchFellow @drgmk. It is featured in @NatureAstronomy, read the full article https://t.co/PK3jPYmGJl
Read the Royal Society's #NoDeal #Brexit fact sheet. If science loses, everyone loses.
Where do academic researchers working in each UK region come from? In June of 2018, the Society published a factsheet on UK Research and the people from all across the world that drive it forward. Read the full factsheet
"Science has always been an inherently international activity, and scientists have continued to collaborate during times of much greater upheaval." The Society's Foreign Secretary, Professor Richard Catlow FRS
Read more https://t.co/nhYNanwbyX
Make sure you have secured your place for our upcoming scientific meetings. Places are free but registration is essential
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We've been sending out the postcards you wrote to yourselves at our landmark Research Culture conference. How have you done? Do you have more plans? Let us know
Join us in Newcastle on 21 February to find out how #dataskills can help your students understand the science they explore in the classroom and equip them for future careers in STEM. Primary and Secondary teachers welcome.
Book now https://t.co/7DpQcKCxIx
The Royal Society Newton Mobility Grants provide international researchers with funding towards travel, subsistence and research expenses to strengthen emerging collaborations.

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