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Donald J. Trump
is not constitutionally permissable alan dershowitz constitutional lawyer

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Jeremy Corbyn
we must reject the language of hate and division and offer the hand of humanity to those in need worldrefugeed
We must reject the language of hate and division and offer the hand of humanity to those in need.

The EastAfrican
iran says it has shot down us drone over its territory state tv
Iran says it has shot down US drone over its territory: state TV
@theSNP 57 minutes
on boris johnson brexiteers 2016 they lied about costs of eu they lied about turkey they lied about european
👀 @RuthDavidsonMSP on Boris Johnson/Brexiteers (2016): “They lied about costs of EU, they lied about Turkey. They lied about European Army... They’ve put them in leaflets and it’s not good enough. You deserve truth!”

Ruth Davidson (2019): “I didn’t call him a liar,”

India Today
women voters have increased exponentially says president ram nath kovind more videos
Women voters have increased exponentially, says President Ram Nath Kovind
More videos:
Brit Hume
this will not escape the notice of barr durham amp co as they investigate the investigators
This will not escape the notice of Barr/Durham & Co. as they investigate the investigators.
@BJP4India 1 hour
bjp national working president shri addressed bjp state leadership for sadasyata abhiyaan through video confer
BJP National Working President Shri @JPNadda addressed BJP state leadership for Sadasyata Abhiyaan through video conference on 19 June 2019. He emphasised on the role of the IT Department in micro-planning of the membership drive to reach out to more people.
Judicial Watch ?
judicial watch reveals that the same henry kerner who is calling for the firing of kellyanne conway previously
Judicial Watch reveals that the same Henry Kerner who is calling for the firing of Kellyanne Conway previously colluded with top IRS officials to audit conservative non-profits until it is "financially ruinous." Read more from our press release:
PMO India
making india an economic powerhouse
Making India an economic powerhouse.
INC India
in delhi the aap govt in the state amp the bjp in the centre must put politics aside amp focus on the dire cir
In Delhi, the AAP govt in the State & the BJP in the Centre must put politics aside & focus on the dire circumstances of depleting ground water. The people of Delhi will not forgive a govt that chooses petty politics over saving their environment.

BBC Politics
i m so sad that you re doing this you will have a diminished role on the world stage your economy will suffer
"I'm so sad that you're doing this. You will have a diminished role on the world stage, your economy will suffer, it will have a huge impact on society"

Dutch PM Mark Rutte says the UK's next leader must come up with a plan to avoid a no-deal #Brexit

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