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Donald J. Trump
the us senate has just approved a 19 billion dollar disaster relief bill with my total approval great
The U.S. Senate has just approved a 19 Billion Dollar Disaster Relief Bill, with my total approval. Great!

Latest news about Dollar Disaster Relief open

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CNN Politics
8 takeaways from the democratic presidential debate s first night
8 takeaways from the Democratic presidential debate's first night
Narendra Modi
wonderful evening with the indian community in japan watch
Wonderful evening with the Indian community in Japan. Watch.
Judicial Watch ?
ca settled with jw amp is taking steps to remove 15m inactive voters from the rolls its important for electio
.@TomFitton: “CA settled with JW & is taking steps to remove 1.5M inactive voters from the rolls. It’s important for election integrity because dirty voting rolls can mean dirty elections. Cleaning up those names from the rolls is essential to good governance/clean elections."
Michael Barbaro
on today s daily
On today's Daily.....
Caroline Lucas
extreme heatwaves in europe should be twice in a century events says this is the third deadly heatwave in 16 y
Extreme heatwaves in Europe should be twice-in-a-century events, says @metoffice

This is the third deadly heatwave in 16 years

The five hottest summers since 1500 have all been this century

This is what a #ClimateEmergency looks like

Jeremy Corbyn
our armed forces deserve the very best support for what they do not the deteriorating pay and conditions that
Our Armed Forces deserve the very best support for what they do - not the deteriorating pay and conditions that have been imposed on them.

Labour will guarantee a better deal for servicemen and women.

U.S. Marines
@USMC 51 minutes
today is national it is estimated that 11 20 of veterans have ptsd here is one marines story
Today is National #PTSDAwarenessDay.

It is estimated that 11-20% of veterans have PTSD.

Here is one Marine’s story.
Judicial Watch ?
on tonight forget about investigating the investigators we need to be investigating congress about its role i
.@TomFitton on @LouDobbs Tonight: "Forget about investigating the investigators. We need to be investigating Congress about its' role in the anti-@realDonaldTrump coup which continues in the House by targeting Trump's IRS forms." Watch more here:
Chuck Schumer
i want to see this photo mr president these are not drug dealers vagrants criminals how could you look at this
I want @realDonaldTrump to see this @AP photo.

Mr. President, these are not drug dealers, vagrants, criminals.

How could you look at this and not understand these are human beings, fleeing violence and persecution, willing to risk a perilous journey in search of a better life?
The Hill
us soccer star blasts trump after megan rapinoe comments he s angered by women he cannot grope
US soccer star blasts Trump after Megan Rapinoe comments: He's angered by women he "cannot grope"
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