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From the Southern Border....
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From the Southern Border....


Gray wolves, incredible icons of our landscape, are still missing from the vast majority of their former range. @GavinNewsom, please oppose all efforts to gut vital protections for gray wolves! #StopExtinction
New @OIGatHHS report found there may have been thousands more children separated from their families at the border than previously reported – and that the real number may never be known. That’s unacceptable! My subcommittee is working hard to investigate. https://t.co/5CwI4Dc27U
At this point, Americans now must engage with the question of where U.S. policymakers should go from here, writes Indiana's @INATTYGENERAL
#ACA https://t.co/Hk7uiG2HFg
Pelosi aide @Drew_Hammill says lawmakers were traveling to Afghanistan to thank servicemembers and for “intelligence briefings from those on the front lines.”

And to meet with NATO commanders in Brussels during a required pilot resting stop. No Egypt leg as Trump said in letter.
Support the Health Savings Account (HSA) Expansion Act, H.R. 603

Allowing Americans to increase contribution limits for health savings accounts (HSAs) would, for the first time, allow consumers to pay insurance premiums from their HSAs! #ampFW

(1/2) Border security is national security. We must do all we can to stop the flow of drugs, crime, & illegal crossings at our border. I commend Pres. for@realDonaldTrump making border security a priority, and I support the men & women of & .@ICEgov@CustomsBorder
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Venezuela is suffering from an economic depression which rivals the magnitude of the United States' Great Depression.

87% of Venezuelans live below the poverty line, and the inflation rate has skyrocketed to 1,000,000%.

Read more here: https://t.co/v5EoOIQOCY
VA Del. Ware's bill protects electric ratepayers from funding unnecessary natural gas pipeline contracts!

.@KenCuccinelli: "Such contracts are the epitome of crony capitalism, transferring potentially billions of ratepayer dollars to utilities." #ampFW https://t.co/6wdLL57riR
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The @NIH_CommonFund’s Undiagnosed Diseases Network (@UDNconnect) is solving the most challenging medical mysteries for the #undiagnosed through collaborations between top clinicians and researchers. #ThisIsNIH Hear from some of these medical detectives https://t.co/NIoZB7jZly
ICYMI: Inside JW: How Judicial Watch Won the Battle for Election Integrity in Los Angeles County.

JW signed a settlement agreement w/ California & Los Angeles County under which they'll begin removing up to 1.5 million(!) ineligible voters from the rolls.
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