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The Most Relevant

Almost no one has been thanked at the Oscars more than Harvey Weinstein. (We did the math.)
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“This may be my last video.” As the Syrian army overtook Aleppo, civilians posted their goodbyes to the world online.
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The unlikely, meteoric rise of BTS, the biggest name in K-pop right now
When asked to simply condemn anti-Semitism, @realDonaldTrump instead called it a "very insulting question."
The US dollar is plummeting as investors fear Donald Trump could win the presidential election
Have you ever noticed there are different types of chopsticks? History explains why Japanese, Chinese and Korean chopsticks are unique. 🍜🍱🍚
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Nigeria has become the poverty capital of the world
How do you spot fake news? Here are tips from an expert who teaches it to kids.
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Nigeria is set to stay the world’s poverty capital for at least a generation
Scientists find Mozambique's untouched rainforest on top of an African mountain
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