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Children of TPS holders join marchers in Washington by staging urgent play: ‘Will somebody please help me?’
8/ The LOL League didn’t just target women, but also people of color, the LGBTQ community and other marginalized identities, Mutombo said.
10/ A list of names of League of LOL members was leaked. Many French journalists and editors lost their jobs. And the group’s founder apologized, saying he realizes he partook in “toxic masculinity.”
9/ Ketsia Mutombo’s @VsCyberH created a counter movement to the LOL League called Ligue du Love — or League of Love. It accuses the LOL League of being an army at war to shut up women and minority groups.
5/ @KenzaSMG wasn’t alone. Recently, dozens of people shared their stories about being harassed by the LOL League after the French newspaper, Libération @libe() exposed the group.
7/ Ketsia Mutombo, a co-founder of Feminists Against Cyberbullying association @VsCyberH() in Paris, says this kind of harassment is much more serious than “trolling.”
4/ The harassment went so far as superimposing a picture of her with an ice cream cone to a penis. They also started harassing her sister. #ligueduLOL
3/ For @KenzaSMG , the harassment started in 2013. She felt like she was targeted as a fashion blogger — like it meant she’s not intelligent and doesn’t have anything to say. #LigueduLoL
1/ Kenza Sadoun El Glaoui (@KenzaSMG), one of France’s first fashion bloggers, didn’t know who her harassers were until this week: the Ligue du LOL (LOL League). THREAD

By The World's @lucymartiros #LigueduLoL
2/ The LOL League is a private Facebook group of mostly male French journalists and was behind a wave of online insults and harassment aimed at women in media. #LigueduLoL

The Most Relevant

“No people ever recognize their dictator in advance,” one reporter wrote in 1935.
THREAD 1/ DO IRISH VOTERS GIVE A DAMN? There’s a referendum in Ireland on whether to remove an article from the constitution outlawing #blasphemy. , religious affairs correspondent , tells what’s what.
Iraqi family barred from flight to US had sold home, quit jobs, taken kids out of school to settle in Nashvill
1/ Safiya Wazir wins a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Wazir is a 27-year-old former refugee from Afghanistan. #ElectionNight
Three months after the Olympics, Rio de Janeiro is broke
Niloofar Rahmani faced multiple threats to herself and her family by the Taliban. She's seeking asylum in the US
2/ Blasphemy cases are extremely rare in Ireland. The last successful prosecution was in 1703. There was one case in 1855, when a visiting Ukrainian priest burned “bad” books, including a Bible. But the case was dropped when he said the Bible was included by accident.
Green Party presidential candidate @DrJillStein is calling for a 'Green New Deal' via…
3/ Ronald Deibert (), who heads , says Abdulaziz’s iPhone was infected with Pegasus spyware which gave the Saudi government complete access to the contents of calls, encrypted messages, and documents.
Forced family separations are nothing new in America. Just ask Indigenous Americans.
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