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Former CIA officer portrayed in ‘Argo’ film dead at 78 https://t.co/6I8XkX0m0L
Trump’s conversations with Michael Cohen about a Trump Tower Moscow deal may have lasted up until the 2016 election, Rudy Giuliani said Sunday https://t.co/UfMd0ESpcF
“Should he have done it? Absolutely not. Bad judgment? Yes. A crime? Sharing polling data? Give me a break. No way,” said the president's attorney https://t.co/KbpOAngZu6
Talk of impeaching Trump has become so common, it’s easy to forget just how exotic a constitutional mechanism it has traditionally been https://t.co/xW0Sh2WDDZ
The president’s feed overflowed with messages of support from lawmakers, James Woods and Jacob Wohl’s dad https://t.co/5TmBsJVJUA
Mark Meadows, Trump whisperer https://t.co/4NdmtOOIJm
Senate Republicans plan to include $12.7 billion in disaster aid and government funding through the end of the fiscal year in their bill to advance the president's immigration proposal https://t.co/sNhKjmONH2
Opioid addiction patients shared their experiences navigating the complex and lightly regulated addiction treatment industry. Read their stories here: https://t.co/yIvkzfxMXi
The New York senator drew parallels between Iowa and her home congressional district, where she upset a Republican incumbent in 2006 to launch her political career https://t.co/UCinnCgXGP
Giuliani: ‘100 percent certain’ on Trump-Cohen https://t.co/xUDpDL04Bj
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