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A road trip turns dark in the upcoming indie film https://t.co/LsLBQmhvpZ
“The Medicine Does Not Control Me” is from Urine’s new EURINGER LP https://t.co/zioyFLnNAn
David Bowie's Loving the Alien, reviewed by Chris O’Leary https://t.co/sZPlCD098e
The quarterback is embroiled in a legal battle against the NFL following his protests during the national anthem https://t.co/LQiNhZcWlv
The legendary R&B group's final album arrives next year https://t.co/W4DAWCOCRf
Netflix cancels "Luke Cage" https://t.co/f0Ouwv5yen
Revisit the debut album from the B-52s, a bastion of provocative post-punk unlike anything else https://t.co/SwZi7SbS4L
"Music is the fundamental groundwork for all the writing I do; in [Mid90s], every scene with a song was written to that song" https://t.co/kbqo6yJ2Yy
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is as vivid and unsettling as a real dream
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The director and musician talks about the songs that have meant the most to him, from Katy Perry's “Roar” to The Beatles' “Hey Jude” https://t.co/d3wCISii3Z
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