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Jerusalem Bureau Chief, New York Times. Proud husband of Susan Glasser, Editor of Politico.

Latest Scoops

Trump announces he will nominate John Abizaid, the retired general, as ambassador to Saudi Arabia.
What does the past tell us about impeachment? A discussion tomorrow night with @TimNaftali and me about our new book, “Impeachment: An American History," moderated by @jameshohmann
at the @BrademasCenter in Washington. Come join the conversation. https://t.co/PKDeb1Pd4t
Independent Russian newspaper facing possible closure over largest government fine in history manages to raise the money through crowdsourcing. https://t.co/jlOtg6VyiW
Fifty-one percent of Americans oppose impeachment while just 33 percent support it. But among Democrats, 61 percent want the House to open impeachment hearings next year, underscoring the challenge for party leaders. @POLITICO_Steve https://t.co/kKMK5d3lRa
As Ari knows, there is a huge difference between having a permanent pass and having to ask permission every day to come into the building at the sufferance of the White House staff. Doing his job would depend on the White House judging whether he "behaved" well the day before.https://t.co/xAjzx4oFqx
House Democratic leaders wary of impeachment even as the party base favors it. For lessons from the three previous clashes, see this new book, "Impeachment: An American History," with ⁦@jmeacham⁩ ⁦@TimNaftali⁩ and ⁦@jeffreyaengel⁩ https://t.co/NKquPIbZ7N
White House shifts its explanation for barring @Acosta — no more mention of “placing his hands” on anyone, now the issue supposedly is that he kept asking questions. So if they think he monopolizes a press conference, why do they call on him?
Trump accuses Macron of doing what he himself is often accused of -- trying to change the subject. https://t.co/DxuqxzO7I7
Kyrsten Sinema Declared Winner in Arizona Senate Race ⁦@viaSimonRomero⁩ https://t.co/YT1VJH3qzd
⁦RIP Stan Lee, who gave us a universe of super characters who blended heroism with humanity. He will live on in the vivid worlds he created and the joy he brings comic book fans young and old. Excelsior! by Jonathan Kandell ⁦⁦@MovieOrangutan⁩ https://t.co/tmpfQzErbt
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