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Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.

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Mice and rats become emotionally attached to each other, love their families, and easily bond with human guardians. It's no secret that they feel pain, and that they don't deserve to be tormented in experiments. #StopAnimalTests
Britches was rescued, but there are still thousands of monkeys being abused and killed in labs 💔
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Did you know it was so easy to find #vegan parmesan? 😄 https://t.co/UrX6s6ZaoC
This is hard to watch, but SO important to see 💔 There's no way you'll be able to look at meat the same. https://t.co/GTDvBoO1d2
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@MFernanda_29 Please speak up for elephants by urging companies to end their sponsorship of the King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament in Thailand:https://t.co/s3PE1AydW1
@supernova28 Dogs should never be dyed. Hair dye, though safe for humans, can burn dogs’ skin and lead to serious complications, including death. Read more:https://t.co/zcKLdIgVx2
Please report cruelty to animals here: https://t.co/QiphV2Yeig
Who would do something like this? 😠 We're offering up to $5,000 as a reward for info on the person responsible. https://t.co/9O1tNM5H1M
So glad you like the shirt 😊
Crocodiles killed for their skin endure agonizing deaths — all for "luxury" bags 😡

There's no excuse for this, @LouisVuitton: https://t.co/5BLFimSbSh #WorldEmojiDay
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