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Fed minutes to shed light on biggest policy reversal in years
"Man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts."
– Ronald Reagan, farewell address, 1/11/89
This white supremacist in the coast guard was planning to kill Trump’s “enemies”
🔥 NYT publisher @AGSNYT responds to Trump:

"The phrase 'enemy of the people' is not just false, it’s dangerous. It has an ugly history of being wielded by dictators and tyrants who sought to control public information."
This therapy has fascinated some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley.

But the FDA has issued a warning about buying young people's blood to prevent aging
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.@Ocasio2018 – I’m inviting you to c#TrishReganPrimetimeome on for a substantive economic debate. If you really believe in what you’re saying, explain it. STOP hiding on liberal platforms and engage in a fair discussion with me. You name the time and place -- I’ll be there.
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Okay, this is a blockbuster article you just have to sit down and read through slowly.

You gotta believe @nytimes fact-checked the hell out of it before printing.

Here are the highlights (or lowlights):
Karl Lagerfeld's cat Choupette could inherit some of his $200 million fortune
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Putin signals Russia will aim new weapons at the U.S. if it puts missiles in Europe after quitting a landmark Cold War-era treaty
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Now, perhaps you think that has nothing to do with the fact that governments in other countries make more of an effort to improve the material conditions of people who have some trouble earning a living. But you need more than anecdote.
Telstra has revealed the first 5G smartphone to be released in Australia, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, will be given out for free to people that hand back their S10+. #SamsungGalaxyS10

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