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Editorial Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics @PIIE. Contributor to @ForeignPolicy. Previously at Reuters, The Wall Street Journal.

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"It costs much more to build each mile of train in the US than in heavily unionized France. US is riddled with corruption, inefficient bidding, high land-acquisition costs, overstaffing, regulatory barriers, poor maintenance..."
It’s going to be a long news night.
That exact moment when we all walked through the looking glass.

The Most Relevant

“No one took the memo separating children from their parents away from Trump’s desk.” - @chrislhayes
"By 2013, 79 of Obama’s nominees had been blocked by filibusters, compared with 68 in the entire history of the US."
What if Donald Trump shut down the U.S. government because he’s working on behalf of a foreign one?
Lanny Davis just said Michael Cohen and his family feel threatened by the Russian mob via Trump. (MSNBC)
Patients eating dog food in #PuertoRico clinics as despair rises, @CNN reports
It’s not a summit, it’s a crime scene.
Trump called the warrant-backed FBI raid of his lawyer’s home and office “an attack on our country.” He has never referred to the Kremlin’s attack on our country as an attack on our country.
There is no immigration crisis. There is no surge in crime. It's just racist politics.
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