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  3. i’ve watched this 3 times already
I’ve watched this 3 times already
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I’ve watched this 3 times already


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Scalise on if Pelosi is trying to get into President Trump’s head by trying to call off the speech:
I think he’s already gotten it into her head that she’s on the wrong side of this issue
5. This is at least the 6th major counterattack by ISIS in Syria in recent weeks, according to a US official. A leader of the American-backed Kurdish militia battling ISIS in Syria put it in hyperbolic terms in a DM to me: "All I know is that IS attacks like 3727638 times a day."
2 former jail guards on trial in London, Ont., for failing to protect inmate Adam Kargus, who was beaten to death by a cellmate. This morning, jurors watched security footage showing former guard closing office door despite apparent trouble in cell. https://t.co/1gbtLqxJ1q
This ice circle is 300 ft. in diameter, making it 10 times bigger than the common 30-footers https://t.co/x3TeeXkmjm
🏎 @flintoff11 has already got the @BBC_TopGear job, he'll be hosting @bbcstrictly next if this is anything to go by. 🕺 It's Perfect 10s for @KP24, @AlanCarr & Jamie too. 🔟 @ALOTO#ALOTORoadTrip
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I’d never personally met @DaleMurphy3 until this morning at the airport. It has already been a good day.
"Birdchick" says she has "good days, bad days" due to the shutdown. Sharon Stiteler has been furloughed several times before but says this time it's different https://t.co/PsaHeyRJrE
There are already rumors about this fall’s iPhones. Here’s what’s been reported. https://t.co/qFU2PFLbb7
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