So the Trump admin will go all in for voodoo economics. Because who would ever suspect them of cooking the books?
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And we have a transcript:
All in all, a nice, interesting, intelligent, well-informed discussion. Don't you wish real life was like that?
Trade, technology, and jobs at CUNY: Branko Milanovic summarizes:
Note: withdrawal from NAFTA would be bigly disruptive -- just as much as 2000s trade surge. Lots of unhappy workers
So a lot of lawyers, doctors, execs in big cities would be pretty upset. Prediction: outcry from people Trump cares about, won't happen 2/
Ending deductibility of state & local taxes would be a hit to blue states; but hardest hit to high-bracket individuals in blue states 1/
It appears that the underpants gnomes wrote the new Trump tax plan:

1. Slash taxes, mainly in ways that benefit Trump
2. ????
3. Growth!
So the idea that we've somehow created a business-unfriendly environment is hype -- coming from corps who want tax cuts, of course
Since 1999, US corps have invested $5.5 trillion abroad; foreign corps $4.7 trillion here. Pretty close to balance in $18 trillion economy
A further question about corporate taxes: why is this an urgent issue? Always room for improvement, but corporations are NOT fleeing US.
And on a much, much harder subject. Unless Goldman Sachs has a secret team on it, the only question will be just how sick a joke this is 8/
Well, we're about to get big numbers from the people who brought you Trumpcare -- except with even less preparation and expertise 7/
Tax reform is, I'd say, order of magnitude harder than health reform, where the principles at least are clear. So what will happen now? 6/
Lots of consulting with interested parties essential too -- that's how you find out where the land mines and gaping loopholes are 5/
If you're going to do a major tax reform you need a large team of specialists -- economists, lawyers, accountants -- and plenty of time 4/
Causing them to materialize for tax purposes at different times and places -- even more than individuals. So careful design is essential 3/
The thing about corporate tax analysis/reform is that it's really hard and technical. Corps have many ways to shift profits around 2/
We don't know exactly what Trump will unveil on taxes, but it appears to focus on corporate tax-- which means expect lots of weirdness 1/
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