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Paul Krugman
another really good proposal from warren this could be life changing for millions of families at around 1 3 th
Another really good proposal from Warren. This could be life-changing for millions of families, at around 1/3 the cost of that misbegotten tax cut

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Biz Stone
@biz 1 hour
photos me teaching how to do the twitter flap that taught us in and a massive selfie by in the japan office mu
Photos: me teaching @TwitterJP how to do the 'Twitter Flap' that @GOT7Official taught us in @TwitterKR. And, a massive selfie by in@leslie_berland the Japan office. Much love here in Japan. #TweepTour
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Elon Musk
ford has 4 ceos in 5 years amp nobody blinks but tesla loses 1 intern amp its front page news i tell ya shakes
@Jrs97t Ford has @andrewmackenzie 4 CEOs in 5 years & nobody blinks, but Tesla loses 1 intern & it’s front page news. I tell ya (shakes fist at sky) …
Oprah Winfrey
theres never been a moment quite like this one we have this unique opportunity to rise to our best selves in h
There’s never been a moment quite like this one. We have this unique opportunity to rise to our best selves in how we use our technology. Apple TV+ launches this fall. See you there.
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Aidan Chan
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Barbara Corcoran
procrastination is the quiet enemy of success mondaymotivation
Procrastination is the quiet enemy of success. #MondayMotivation
america s fentanyl problem china can turn off the tap if it wants
America's Fentanyl Problem: China Can Turn Off The Tap... If It Wants
where are s and s apologies for smearing president trump with accusations of collusion
Where are @CNN's and @ChrisCuomo's apologies for smearing President Trump with accusations of collusion?
doj concludes obamacare unconstitutional and should be struck down
can you ever believe this a nominal gdp growth of 115 pan over 5 years while your top 50 corporates return no
Can you ever believe this? A nominal GDP growth of 11.5% pan over 5 years while your top 50 corporates return no more than 9.2% in nominal returns over the same period.

The data fudges by Modi & Co defy logic & reason.
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