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Really not that much of a stretch https://t.co/vHvn1mdMRj
But Xi is an autocrat who suppresses dissent, has surely killed many people, and is quite willing to bribe useful foreigners. So why isn't Trump friends with the Chinese regime? Have the Chinese refused to pay up? Or does Trump just need an enemy? Inquiring minds want to know 6/
The whole thing about arms sales to SA creating jobs is a con. Aside from the claims being totally bogus, the billions in arms sales aren't what matters to DJT; it's the millions the Saudis deliver to him personally 5/
But wait, there's more. Trump clearly likes murderous autocrats, especially if they go after journalists; they're his kind of people. Also, they bribe him by throwing money at his businesses. Hence his affection not just for Putin but for the Saudis. 4/
What's more remarkable is that there don't seem to be any important interest groups backing Trump's position, and his trade war looks like a political loser too 3https://t.co/QCqpNRbVL7/
It sort of goes without saying that the Trump position is based on very bad economics; to find an economic adviser who supported his view, Jared Kushner trolled through Amazon and cold-called a little-known (and incompetent) guy whose name popped up 2https://t.co/G6d6KYKT5K/
A few days ago @delong asked why Trump is waging a trade war on China. The more I think about it, the deeper that question seems. 1/ https://t.co/gcvypc6gRB
In the very near future, many government officials will probably face hard decisions about whether to defy illegal orders from their political superiors. And remember, this is the good scenario 4/
They'll also probably abuse executive power in many other ways. And they'll use claims of voter fraud to justify their disregard of the law and Constitution. If you don't think this is going to happen, you haven't been paying attention 3/
Democrats will gain subpoena power -- but expect the Trump administration to simply defy requests for information, the way they already are on issues like the Mar a Lago crowd's influence on the Veterans Administration 2https://t.co/4xQBKAA22t/
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