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Interesting: consumer confidence is slipping fairly fast. Is it political or an appreciation of economic slowing not yet visible in the data? https://t.co/mbWKrGN4DB
So we had a narrow escape, and we're still very much at risk of being Hungary writ large 6/
And if you're watching developments in WI, MI, and NC, you know that the GOP has become full-on authoritarian, willing to do whatever it takes to hold power. And if Trump had been a bit less awful, we could be seeing that scenario unfold for all of America right now 5/
The reason Ds did so well in the end was that their wave was so big that it breached the GOP levee, flooding into normally safe GOP suburban districts. But what if that hadn't happened, or doesn't happen next time? We'd have a minority party in full control 4/
But Dems won the median seat by 4.1% -- i.e., they probably would have failed to take control if their margin had been less than that. That's a couple of points lower than most pre-election analyses suggested, but still a lot 3/
Before the election, it was widely asserted that Dems had a big structural disadvantage due to gerrymandering and geographical concentration of minority voters. In the end, though, they turned an 8.6% lead in the popular vote into a roughly 8 percent lead in seats. No problem? 2/
I've been doing some electoral math using the Cook House popular vote tracker, and it's kind of disturbing 1/ https://t.co/1wP97kSuCm
There's a new axis of evil: Russia, Saudi Arabia -- and the United States
Ryan was neither serious nor honest, and it took almost no work to figure that out. But centrists needed someone to fill the box, so they promoted Ryan into that role. It was a massive moral as well as intellectual failure. Has anyone learned from it? 3/
I called him out from the beginning -- but was dismissed and attacked as being "partisan". The irony was that the real judgment-distorting partisanship was on the part of centrists, whose ideology demanded that there be Serious, Honest Conservatives to justify bothsidesim 2/
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