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Digital Director for the Donald J. Trump presidential campaign. President of Giles-Parscale. #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

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Maybe it is time for @Nike to bring factories back to the US where quality manufacturing will protect our athletes. @realDonaldTrump
America must harness the power of capital markets & private sector to fund & build a state of art wholesale 5G network that is a model for the the world. The govt has underutilized spectrum it should share for the purpose. Americans (rural) deserve access to affordable wireless.
Curious to know if @KamalaHarris, @CoryBooker, @elizabeth@JulianCastrofo@gillibrandnyrma, @amyklobuchar, and agre@BetoORourkee with that we should tear down the wall that already exists at the bord 🧐🤔
The El Paso rally had thousands of people from New Mexico. 70% Hispanic. 50% Democrat. 25% Independent. 25% Republican. 25% Didn’t vote in 2016. The left’s narrative isn’t working, Latinos support @realDonaldTrump in epic numbers.
Yep, the money is already in your pocket. The government is not taking an interest free loan for the year.
So in a couple weeks, we are now removing the following industries according to Democrats:

1) Airline Industry - Bye
2) Oil & Gas - Bye
3) Private Healthcare - Bye
4) Meat Industry - Bye

Did I miss any? #DemsGoneCrazy
It looks like Beto only had 900 people at his March, Tiny! @realDonaldTrump has over 35000 in attendance. 8000 inside and tens of thousands outside. Stretching into the surrounding streets. 70000+ RSVPs, hard to get everyone here. #winning
It looks like Beto only has 900 guests at his so called March, tiny! We have over 35000 in attendance. 8000 inside and tens of thousands in the parking lot and streets. @realDonaldTrump had 70,000+ RSVPs and thousands couldn’t make it. #winning
Massive crowd growing to enter the @realDonaldTrump Rally in El Paso. #FinishTheWall

The Most Relevant

Just received my newest voter score tracking from my team. @realDonaldTrump has reached his highest national approval rating since I started tracking. The @TheDemocrats have really made a mistake going with their gut over data.
These democrat counties in Florida and Arizona are playing tricks because they just can’t accept the fact they lost. I will not be shocked if investigations lead to rampant fraud. Republicans need to send every lawyer we have to protect the legitimacy of these elections.
I would like to thank @Acosta for pointing out how peaceful, safe and secure it is at a part of the border that HAS a wall. #RealNews #BuildTheWall
Our new ad starts tonight. Take a look at this ad running nationally for a 1.5MM dollar buy. BUT, will not let us buy on their network. Do they not want to show REAL news?
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Over 90,000 kids were detained under Obama. And no one cared
This is just one of many fake news stories over the last several years. Sad so many journalists have lost their integrity. I hope @CNN and @MSNBC step up and call this for what it is.
The truth is @MittRomney lacked the ability to save this nation. @realDonaldTrump has saved it. Jealously is a drink best served warm and Romney just proved it. So sad, I wish everyone had the courage @realDonaldTrump had.
Fake news! Was with him all day yesterday, this is just more narrative pushing to tell a FAKE story. Problem is fewer reporters know what is going on because @realDonaldTrump has figured out who the leakers are. Isolation is actually cleaning up the leaks.
Would Nancy, Chuck and their friends in the media have the courage to look an angel mom in the eyes and lecture them about a wall being “immoral”?

Democrats need to stop putting politics ahead of the safety of American citizens. #BuildTheWall
Since the #FakeNews is full of distortions, underreporting, and lies, we launched a platform tonight presenting a comprehensive record of ’s administration. The truth will be told about a remarkable 500-day record of accomplishments!
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