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On "La Plata," @juanes and @LaloEbratt pay homage to their Colombian roots with their modern take on vallenato. Below, we use data from Pandora's Music Genome to dive into the sounds that make up "La Plata." Hear it now: https://t.co/FN6qLG1SW6
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“Hyp-No-Tized” is a new track from @spiralmusic, the longstanding project of Pavement’s Scott Kannberg. The energetic song comes ahead of ‘We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized,’ which drops this March. Spin the single: https://t.co/mge8CVSopx
‘Imagine: @johnlennon 75th Birthday Concert’ gathers remarkable performances by @IamStevenT, @BrandonFlowers, @ericchurch, @aloeblacc, @SherylCrow, and @willienelson among others. Spin the tribute here: https://t.co/l7Z998hs7M
Ahead of ‘Blushing,’ @copelandband has released the electronic, soulful track “Lay Here.” Frontman @AaronMarshMusic says the album “take[s] all of the elements that made up our sound in the past and push[es] those elements farther." Spin it now: https://t.co/SQGbjyTikd
On this day in 1968, @ArethaFranklin’s ‘Lady Soul’ was released. The million-selling album included two of her timeless hits, “Chain of Fools” and “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman." Revisit it now: https://t.co/nlgL9jaRWD
Which of these Oscar-nominated original songs have the most spins on Pandora? #Oscars
Indie rock trio @RunRiverNorth returns with “Hands Up.” Frontman Alex Hwang says the catchy new track “simultaneously laments past grievances, stays in the present moment, and ultimately moves forward with hands up and hearts open.” Spin it now: https://t.co/yU1NifN4Hl
"'Woke Up Late' is about wrapping your head around the adventure of the night before and ultimately deciding that you're cool with it," says @DraxProject. Hear their new single featuring @HaileeSteinfeld now: https://t.co/NG3bSG1QPk
“Mountain At My Gates” hitmakers @foals are back with “Exits.” The memorable, groove-driven track precedes the first of two albums the alt faves have set for 2019. Listen to the single now: https://t.co/Ln6bioTqo8
Happy Birthday, @Logic301! The Maryland-born rapper – who just dropped his new track “Keanu Reeves” this past week – turns 29 today! Celebrate with our Logic A-Z playlist: https://t.co/PDkl7XLtlM
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