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Latest Scoops

Hear Mary Oliver (RIP) Read Five of Her Poems: "The Summer Day," "Little Dog’s Rhapsody in the Night," "Many Miles" and "Night and the River" https://t.co/ULkHEXqWzc
Leo Tolstoy Creates a List of the 50+ Books That Influenced Him Most (1891) https://t.co/XvJUQXNJ2Q
Foreign Students Sour on America, Jeopardizing a $39 Billion Industry
New Order’s "Blue Monday" Played with Obsolete 1930s Instruments https://t.co/XyKkxswP5q
How unpopular is Trump? Dipping into the 30s for the first time in a long time. https://t.co/CXtNqzmvM3
A Massive, Knitted Tapestry of the Galaxy: Software Engineer Hacks a Knitting Machine & Creates a Star Map Featuring 88 Constellations https://t.co/C0QDeH8WqV
Aldous Huxley Tells Mike Wallace What Will Destroy Democracy: Overpopulation, Drugs & Insidious Technology (1958) https://t.co/wsoYMFVvTy
The Iconic Urinal & Work of Art, "Fountain," Wasn’t Created by Marcel Duchamp But by the Pioneering Dada Artist Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven https://t.co/ulsMbXTMSb
Yale Professor Jason Stanley Identifies 3 Essential Features of Fascism.

Invoking a Mythic Past, Sowing Division & Attacking Truth https://t.co/WSduWbmlzG
Does Math Objectively Exist, or Is It a Human Creation? A New PBS Video Explores a Timeless Question https://t.co/CYY0HSTnKJ
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