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As President Trump fights for a wall between the US and Mexico, our reporters are traveling the border. In this dispatch: how the border allows the movement of goods even as it stops the people who make or deliver them. https://t.co/6ZTQ1PALvv
Mexico’s health secretary said that the death toll from the gas pipeline blast had risen to 79, and 81 had been injured, with 66 of them still hospitalized https://t.co/kSgANO1imb
Buckingham Palace has said that “a full message of support was sent to both the driver and the passenger” https://t.co/8ZiWRiPohM
American Airstrike in Somalia Kills 52 Shabab Extremists, U.S. Military Says https://t.co/NNNpkq615J
A peaceful demonstration in Athens turned violent on Sunday, as protesters used clubs, firebombs and other objects to try to force their way into the Parliament building https://t.co/90enOhUJSB
“It would be Iraq on steroids,” the Republican senator warned of withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria without a plan https://t.co/GfzMjxwnmC
Politicians from across the political spectrum and on both sides of the Irish border condemned the attack https://t.co/lf6tBKD9vB
Crowds were thinner in a dozen cities outside the U.S. where Women's Marches were held. https://t.co/qhb8Jpwxsg
The bomb, which had been planted in a hijacked delivery van, caused no casualties or major damage. But it followed a pattern of attacks attributed to republican groups opposed to the peace agreement that ended the “Troubles” 20 years ago. https://t.co/f7KdWqx8Kn
“We are the big winners from climate change,” said one German winemaker. “I know it’s disgusting to say, but it’s the truth.” https://t.co/N60qZVQF2P
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