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"Our job as parents and educators is to set up some bumpers on the bowling alley, not to dictate the exact way the ball goes down the lane" https://t.co/wo4VOVPZFA
How to de-clutter your life, the Anya Hindmarch way. Step 1: Be sentimental but systematic. https://t.co/PKxD0ltizs
Tired: Shallow work.
Wired: Deep work. https://t.co/wy2UuK8NAz
Geneticists have begun using old bones to make sweeping claims about the distant past. But their revisions to the human story are making some scholars of prehistory uneasy. https://t.co/Xm3SDJleyX
If you can't seem to get that organizing done, it might be time to hire an expert https://t.co/MtjdGU6pAC
"The joy on my face was the realization that we were a part of something very special." In anticipation of the live TV production of "Rent" on Fox, here are behind-the-scenes photos from Jonathan Larson's 1996 musical. https://t.co/aJxY40LCEo
This chicken with vinegar recipe makes a simple yet sophisticated main dish https://t.co/F2EFmXGFag
Senator Kamala Harris, Democrat of California, is joining the race for the White House. Here's what you need to know about her. https://t.co/qsX28m4s30
Joe Biden said he made a mistake in supporting the tough-on-crime drug legislation of the 1980s and 1990s https://t.co/UDRT5PWeUs
Meredith Golden charges a small clientele $2,000 a month to help them win at dating apps https://t.co/AZOXTKYBfd
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