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Evening Briefing: Here's what you need to know at the end of the day https://t.co/dlhv4WLOtD
A "Lego Movie 2" trailer, a list of animated shows to argue about and 4 other things to know in pop culture today https://t.co/RqBaArkwla
Thanksgiving appetizers so good, you'll have to stop yourself from filling up on them before the turkey https://t.co/HozruclbT9
2 adults and 2 children were found dead after a possible arson fire engulfed a home in central New Jersey, officials said https://t.co/pDsbIMUBMc
Bank customers are sick of overdraft charges and account maintenance fees. New online banks are starting to cash in on the dissatisfaction. https://t.co/tr5bVbA8IX
A good gravy for Thanksgiving is more than just a sauce for the turkey. It brings all the elements of your plate together.

Here's how to make a gravy that will elevate your meal.
Rep. Mia Love of Utah lost her re-election bid to Ben McAdams. His win means the Democrats picked up 38 House seats in the midterms. https://t.co/CKiYiODyL1
Slashing and burning the forests in Indonesia and Borneo to make way for oil-palm cultivation had a perverse effect: It released more carbon. A lot more carbon. https://t.co/GYWRxaLgDP
Evening Briefing: Here's what you need to know at the end of the day https://t.co/nIEwTSPL8c
Apples and oranges are often presented as opposites, but they mingle beautifully in this apple cider and bourbon punch https://t.co/wRzpwSkQMS
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