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‘We Want HQ2’ — 2020 Hopeful Cory Booker Reignites Newark’s Bid for Amazon. via @Cheddar
American woman who traveled to Syria to join #ISIS says she regrets her decision and now wants to return to her family in Alabama.
In a move to avoid consuming time writing new screeds against Mueller, Comey, McCabe, the FBI and others in the Deep State, Trump is now retweeting himself.
Former FBI chief Andrew McCabe says Trump rejected advice from his US intel agencies on the threat posed by North Korea’s missiles, saying “I don’t care. I believe Putin.”
In announcing breakaway from Labour Party, MP Luciana Berger says Labour had become institutionally anti-Semitic and she was "embarrassed and ashamed " to stay.
In a major rebuke to leader Jeremy Corbyn, 7 MPs resign from Labour Party, saying they were disgusted by the party’s handling of anti-semitism and its Brexit policy.
In new poll by @EmersonPolling, Trump trails all Democrats in hypothetical 2020 head-to-head matchups. All are within margin of error, except Joe Biden who holds 55-to-45 edge over Trump.
At his Rose Garden news conference Friday, Trump said Japan’s PM wrote a “beautiful” letter to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize. Here’s what actually happened, according to the Asahi newspaper.
Fox News' Chris Wallace Repeatedly Nails Stephen Miller on National Emergency: 'Answer My Question!' via @Mediaite

The Most Relevant

In campaign rally, Trump mocks cancer-stricken John McCain, the infirm George H.W. Bush, the #MeToo movement and Elizabeth Warren, but praises Vladimir Putin.
Not to be lost in the Jeff Bezos story is the fact that the publisher of the National Enquirer is very very afraid of the information that Bezos’s investigator had uncovered.
The alt-right shows up in Charlottesville, Va., chanting “Russia is our friend” near statue of Robert E. Lee.
Congressman (and Iraq war vet) Seth Moulton on Trump’s order on refugees: “I am ashamed that he is our president.”
Protesters, including white nationalist Richard Spencer, were carrying torches. Mayor compares it to a KKK rally.
Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi has been co-hosting ’s “The Five” show even though she’s still on the state payroll in Florida.
Monica Crowley, who lost White House job over plagiarism, registers as lobbyist for pro-Putin Ukrainian oligarch.
Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize last year…but only after the U.S. asked him to.
#Ferguson update 5: For 1st time ever, @Amnesty International deploys human rights team in US
Is Trump golfing today? YES, indeed. So far, we’ve spent $54MM on his favorite pastime. Keep track here:
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